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Reign 2x12 + House Of Cards Season 3, part 3 Reviewed

Mary is unimpressed with Francis and his irritating haircut. Disloyal Lola annoys. Diane shows up and has a fragile tolerance for Kenna. Catherine has more eerie and bleak visions. There is a serious lack of respect for Narcisse. Mary and co do no movement, speech or association that make you believe they are of the 16th century. Greer is lectured to by Leith and his demented syphilitic emperor haircut. Catherine isn’t seen as threatening. Diane was 15 years older than Henri. Things are remarkably flat and complacent and there is bad acting.

Greer is thick. Bash and Claude solve the mystery of the twins. There is hysteria and no moral obligation to sense. Francis whines and has no trustworthiness. Do the royals have no servants? There is more foreshadowing of Mary’s fate. Mary can’t be reconciled with Francis. There is a flashback to little Bash. Greer loses everything and is thrown out on the street. Bash disowns his mother. Kenna is not compelled to apologise for absolutely anything Mary’s dog returns. Bash is done with Kenna. But what happened to the nanny? Did no one notice Catherine murdering someone?

Best Lines:
“More useful outside the door.”

“What jealous tantrum did that necklace pay for?”

“Royal children are never alone.”

“Be afraid of me!”

“Your words are unwise.”

“I haven’t properly mocked you.”

“Doubts like this start wars.”

“Oh? Is that caring?”

“I will not bear you.”

“I don’t want you at all.”

“You’re dead. You’re nothing but dust and bile.”

“Return to your hell and leave me to mine.”

“Where is your forgiveness?”

“Do you think it was easy being the King’s mistress? A position easily gained. But held? For decades?”

“Neither of you deserves my forgiveness.”

“That can no longer be my concern.”

“Somethings are too unforgivable.”

“But I am alone.”

“Jealous hands.”

“Indignation instead of grovelling.”

Chapter 33
I don’t care about Underwood v Claire or their vow renewal. Meechum does nothing. Claire mumbles and sulks. Underwood is a fat southerner in a white suit. Claire has a frost of ignorance and makes the hostility between herself and her husband obvious. She’s all dumb viciousness. This was dull and Thomas the writer bores. Stamper continues stalking. There is unsubtle symbolism and the salient point is that this sucked.

Best Lines:
“I’ll be smiling. Will you?”

“Just what I said, less combative.”

“People assumed she wouldn’t steal any valuables. But, of course, she did.”

“I fault her as much as you.”

Chapter 34
A hurricane blows. Underwood berates Remy. Freddy gets screwed again and gets a new job. Kate the reporter gets melodramatic. Meechum hates on Thomas, Meechum is weird. Underwood signs away AmWorks. The hurricane doesn’t even hit. The empirical fact is this sucked.

Chapter 35
Russian troops are killed in the Jordan Valley. Spacey’s ACTINGS annoy. I don’t care about Jackie, Remy or Doug Stamper. Petrov emotes a lot. Claire makes wild accusations. Underwood does dumb crap. Heather gets yelled at and things go even more awry. How does Claire’s witterings suffice as proof? This was terrible.

Best Lines:
“Campaigning on Air Force One costs $179,000 an hour.”

“You’re holding onto that table like it’s a stripper’s tits.”

“FSB counter-intel training.”

“I will put you in your f##king grave!”

Chapter 36
This season has been disastrous. The Underwoods are on a slippery slope due to their loud and proud smugness. They annoy and sense remains unheeded. Jackie’s husband is adorable. Petrov issues ultimatums. Two middle aged men in camo snipe at each other. The guinea pig returns. Thomas yells so many lies; you can’t accept that he was a rent boy who Underwood fancies. I don’t care.

Best Lines:
“I think she should be gone.”

“We made her believe that we did.”

“Never touched me once.”
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