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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Sherlock’ Christmas special trailer

Best Lines:
“What made you like this?”
“Oh Watson. Nothing made me.”

“You’re Sherlock Holmes. Wear the damn hat!”

‘The Flash’ 2x02 promo
Two Flashes - yawn.

‘Quantico’ 1x03 promo
Shagging, yelling and sexy whispering.

Best Line:
“I’ll help you.”

‘Blindspot’ 1x02 promo
So many tattoos, the dude from ‘Strike Back’ and intense muttering.

Best Line:
“What if I was a terrible person.”

‘Blindspot’ 1x04 promo
Blacklight, plague, memories, pathological anxiety and looking.

‘Supernatural’ season 10 promo

‘CHiPs’ (1977 - 1983) opening credits
Cheese with Erik Estrada.

Greek Style honey yogurt - too sweet.

They’re remaking ‘Flatliners’?

The 1983 TV movie ‘Deadly Lessons’ got a VHS release in Germany under the title ‘High School Killer’. It had a horrible cover. Maybe some day it could get a DVD release that would have a commentary that would explain things like: were the murders pre-planned? Why was the cop at the school that night? Where did Eddie go during the climax? Didn’t Miss Wade hear all the screaming during the climax? Why were there so many perverts at the school? Did Cally die?

Best Lines:
“You’re always ripping everybody off.”

“You’re disgusting Marita Armstrong.”
“And you’re boring Althea Baxter.”

“Your life’s gonna be a lot shorter Peel!”

“It’s Tember! She’s dead!”

“A dead duck town like this.”

“Simple and flying changes.”

“You weren’t working Misty. She’s turned out in the back pasture!”

“She is starting a summer camp for poor kids!”

“He served time. How come he hasn’t been deported?”

“Reject discipline.”

“I won’t bother anyone.”
“I’d appreciate that.”

Anyone else recall the 1992 ‘The Round Table’ TV show or the 1979 TV movie ‘She’s Dressed To Kill’?

Chewing Gum’ Quotes:
“Where is mum?”
“Evangelising at the community centre.”

“Your vagina is holy. I will command satan to leave your nether regions today.”

“Come to bed face.”

“I can practically smell the sin oozing out of you!”

“Oh for my foolishness!”

“You’re poison.”

‘The Hills’ Qutotes:
“I want real swans there.”

“Lucite heels in my backyard.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Shorthand for impeccable middle-class credentials.”

“A very abrupt tool.”

“Self-satisfied males, many of them with a sense of importance and entitlement.”

“Left out, ignored, sidelined, and occasionally indulged.”

“Crying babies upset his routine.”

“Done forgiveness work.”

‘Popular’ Quotes:
“Finally you win at something.”

“I will never hug him.”

“Authentic 70s allure.”

“Do I have to do the splits? I’m a Christian.”

‘Left Hand Magic’ Quotes:
“Great - as if things weren’t already I, Claudius enough.”

“Please excuse me while I go piss in your sock drawer.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Has caused separation between us.”

“See a family fragment.”

“Get into a conflict.”

“Sign those taxes.”

“Plays the victim very well.”

“Women’s products.”

“Your lawyer wasn’t tired.”

“Besmirch his name.”

“You’re gonna end up under a bridge.”

“Just want my fairness.”

“Rag people.”

“Shotgun right into him.”

“Lives fiction.”

“Toss her in a field.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Who is Ben and why is he so thick? Tyler wants to steal Paige. Who is Steph?

On ‘Hollyoaks’: When will Hypnotoad die? Hopefully he’ll be killed off in a humiliating accident involving a penis pump. Peri has a breakdown to the tune of ‘Sound of Silence’. Tom does nothing for the baby he professes to love and bullied Peri into keeping. Patrick is nasty. Maxine wears kinderwhore attire. Peri and Patrick chat. Tom berates Nico and Peri. Nancy points out that Peri may have PND. Sienna whines. Patrick wants an assisted suicide. The soul-deadening Ben bores. His evil ex-wife Sadie shows up. Turns out Ben has more kids. Without a tactical pause, Ben leaves Sienna for Sadie. Nico sets a fire in response as she tries to kill her mummy, again. Nico needs to be held accountable for her crap. Fake Lisa is in love with Zack. Sadie is devious, calculated and unethical. Nico is not reliant on the acceptance of others.

Best Line:
“I can’t look after her!”
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