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Suspicion (2015) 1x02 + You, Me and the Apocalypse 1x02 Reviewed

Edge of Insanity
This Discovery programme is a dramatisation of the Morgan Ingram case. I first heard of Morgan on ‘Dr Phil’. It involves alleged stalking and an alleged murder. Everyone wears plaid and Morgan Ingram’s mother Toni seems to have extreme paranoia. There is undiscussed mental illness, undiscussed drug use and undiscussed health issues. Morgan sleeps in her parent’s closet which no one finds odd. The local thug is blamed for the stalking even though there is no evidence he is/was involved.

Security camera never seem to capture the stalker, the family don’t seem to have curtains and don’t get a gun or an alarm. The renactment acting is bad. Toni builds a wall of crazy and hurls wild accusations. There is Latin chanting on the soundtrack. Morgan gets a panic button but the family don’t move. Then Morgan dies and Toni claims it was murder. Toni says she is a light sleeper so how did a murderer break in and murder someone without anyone hearing it. Was Morgan’s room showing a sign of an unheard struggle or was it just slovenly? The murder theory is ridiculous, the cops are portrayed as disinterested and unmotivated and Toni is obsessed over a murder that probably didn’t happen. This was okay but sad.

Best Lines:
“Plain strange.”

“Something was bad.”

“Troubled teen thing.”

“Over-reacting again.”

“Somebody punched the glass.”


“A male standing there.”

“Strange folk round here these days.”

“Not getting good answers.”

“Could you pass me that hammer?”

You, Me and the Apocalypse 1x02
There was fake crying, car surfing, inaction and no drama or atmosphere. The White House ponders a solution, various characters do or do not tell their truth. Sad desk luncher Jamie goes looking for his mother. His weathered twin Ariel looks menacing. This was meaningless. No one looks on this with approval. Ariel claims the apocalypse is fake, maybe he’s right. Rhonda’s brother works for the White House. Ariel is a just another psycho fantasist on the internet. Rhonda and Leanne road trip. Father Jude worries about the antichrist. There are plans for a bunker called Mount Genesis with a DNA library and a monstrous plan to repopulate. This was contrived.

Bes Lines:

“All of that70s horror crap.”

“We built an ark?”

“That’s not good.”

“It looks crap doesn’t it?”

“That sticks its head in the door.”

“Toxic, unbreathable smog.”

“Very off the record.”

“The drunk is still alive?”
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