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Book Reviews: The Best Horror Of The Year Volume Seven, part 2 + 3 others

The Best Horror Of The Year Volume Seven edited by Ellen Datlow, part 2

Shay Corsham Worsted
A monster from a previous era cannot be stopped by a self-congratulatory uncomprehending new generation who are completely inadequate to deal with the significant hazard. Okay.

A terrible tale reprinted from ‘Letters To Lovecraft’.

Chapter Six
A student and his professor make their way through a zombie apocalypse while having a philosophical debate. Good.

Best Line:
“Drinking from the tanks of toilets they found along the way.”

This is Not For you
A cult of modern day Maenad practices their dark rites. Bad.

Interstate Love Song (Murder Ballad No. 8)
Two female serial killers conduct a vitriolic campaign of murder and maltreatment. This was overbearingly dull and try hard.

Best Lines:
“Can’t you smell victim?”

“She’s cut out for nothing but stripping and whoring the Quarter.”

“Unelicited screed.”

The Culvert
A man recalls how his identical twin brother went missing when they were 13. Okay and sad.

Past Reno
Another mediocre tale from ‘Letters To Lovecraft’.

The Coat Off His Back
A git museum worker curates clothes that turn out to belong to a notorious rogue. Good, creepy and bleak.

Best Lines:
“It was the correct social formula.”

“A tatty crap life.”

“She would turn in her grave if she knew you had come to this.”

“Shot his landlord’s cockerel in the street.”

the worms crawl in
A man crawls out of a grave. No, just no.

Best Line:
“That Clampett-style feast.”

The Dog’s Home
A subtle tale of family hatred and revenge. Good and dark.

Tread Upon The Brittle Shell
A caver finds something immense. Good.

Persistence of Vision
Ghosts bring about the end of the world in this excellent tale.

It Flows From The Mouth
A good tale of friendship and grief.

Wingless Beasts
Horror in the Mojave. Good.

A ghost haunts an airport. Okay.

Another dull tale from ‘Letters To Lovecraft’.

Vile soulless students torment their grief stricken teacher. Okay.

Cults, drugs and madness. No.

Guests Of The Emperor by Janice Young Brooks
After the fall of Singapore in WWII, various women prisoners go on a forced march to a prison camp. They try to survive during the long years until liberation comes. This was okay but racist attitudes and the slut shaming of Audrey are not pleasant.

Ham Bones by Carolyn Haines
The 6th in the dire ‘Southern Belle’ saga which started out as southern gothic but then was disastrously rebooted as campy cosy comedy. Avoid.

Glossed and Found by India Ink
New age hippy skank Persia Vanderbilt is Gull Harbour’s all round princess sparkle pants. She solves murders, has a tattoo, wears hoochie clothes and sluts around whilst uttering new age babblings. This was appalling.
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