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Book Reviews: Cthulhu Fhtagn!, part 2 + Dark Equinox,part 1

Cthulhu Fhtagn! Edited by Ross E. Lockhart, part 2

The Curse Of The Old Ones
A delightful comedy in which a pot smoking Ingrid and Peter plus a special guest stat put a halt to nefarious goings on on the set of a Hammer horror. Very good.

Best Lines:
“She could listen to him pronounce things all night.”

“That weird rutting with fish-people.”

Love Will Save You
Tantamount to incoherent.

Assemblage Point
A good, nifty little horror that parodies and pays tribute to Lovecraft.

Best Line:
“Oh, the italics of it all!”

The Return of Sarnath
A too long dull tale of the retrogressing of culture and civilization.

The Long Dark
The tale of a boy who is incredibly capable of being annoying.

Green Revolution
Two eco warriors go deep into the jungle and find horror. Okay.

Don’t Make Me Assume My Ultimate Form
By Laird Barron. It’s sort of like ‘Charlie’s Angels’ v dark forces. Okay.

Dark Equinox and other tales of Lovecraftian horror by Ann K. Schwader, part 1

Dark Equinox
A PhD student looks into a dead photographer's disturbing work. Okay.

Best Line:
“What had she wanted to burn so badly?”

The Sweetness of Your Heart
A mediocre tale of a bad marriage.

When The Stars Run Away
The stars are going out, very good.

Wings Of Memory
An old woman is the victim of financial abuse by a disgusting relative. But vengeance is coming. Good.

Her Beloved Son
This prequel to ‘The Dunwich Horror’ reveals Lavinia Whateley’s relationship with her cosmic twins. Good.
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