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Reign 2x10&2x11 Reviewed

Mary’s life was a string of bad decisions leading to the execution block. She never seemed to ponder the real consequences of her horrible decision making. Mary seems to have forgotten all her feelings for Bash. Francis has no sharp intelligence - he just wants devastating levels of violence. His dramatic leadership speeches are not reassuring. Greer dishonours hope. The un-intimidating Francis moves towards his ruination. The ‘ladies’ learn of Mary’s ordeal. Mary worries about pregnancy. Witless Lola moves in on Francis. Leith arrests Greer’s husband. Catherine has visions. Claude plays the virginals. Catherine obsesses over her dead twins who in reality died during a horrific botched labour and not from murder. Conde really is a protestant. Claude has no emotional continuity. Narcisse has to disown his own power. Catherine poisons Claude. Greer abandons her husband and stepchildren. Catherine has a vision of Henri and Conde’s jerkass brother shows up. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“Every last person who brought us to this.”

“A king to be feared.”

“Where is your husband?”

“Terror worked for you and father. Kept the realm safe.”
“But at a price Francis.”

“Spiteful little shrew.”

“Nobody needs you.”

“You will woefully regret it.”

“There are fates worse than death.”

“What you so politely call questioning.”

“I make no apologies.”

“Briefer and fewer.”

Wouldn’t the courtyard smell if full of executed people? Bash gets his shirt off. The mark of the dark riders is investigated by the Vatican. Bash seems to have forgotten he is a pagan. Mary sits in her windowsill of woe. Conde is hunted by the Vatican. Francis and Lola fawn over their bastard child. Catherine has deliciously grim visions. Her creative solution to the unloved Claude is to go all ‘Flowers in the Attic’. Conde’s brother is manically terrific as he sets up sex games at his decadent court parties. There is high emotion. Francis is all mawkishness and wholly unacceptable behaviour.

The cardinal has a lover in his cleric so is blackmailed. Bash attacks someone with a branding iron whilst dressed as a ninja. Where did he get the branding iron? Claude tells Kenna that she and Bash were lovers. Mary and Leith burn Conde’s brand off and somehow he fails to die of infection or shock. Catherine and Claude have a confrontation and Catherine will not listen when Claude says she didn’t kill the twins. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Why would I talk to you?”

“Not everything is about your arse, Kenna, move it out of the way.”

“Absconding with his wife.”

“Why don’t I have a normal family?”

“Have you heard of this fellow Chaucer?”

“Your dreams do reach high.”

“You’re only a tart my father lost interest in and pawned off on his bastard son.”
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