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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Regression’ TV spot
Ethan Hawke does another horror. Looks good.

Best Line:
“Give me names!”

‘The Forest’ sneak peak
Looks good.

Best Line:
“Never stay in the forest after dark.”

‘The X Files’ trailer
Conspiracy nuts, Mulder looks rode hard and a beardy mumbler. This looks a sombre serious affair, where did the dynamic and camaraderie go? Mulder’s old office has not been reused in years for some reason. There are torches, bad line delivery and is Scully still a surgeon?

Best Line:
“A true believer.”

‘The Forest’ trailer
Identical twins and one goes missing in a forest. This looks to be all preachy deepness. There is a shower scene, nigh on impossible things happen, quasi antagonistic ghosts lurk and an evil viewfinder. Maybe.

Best Lines:
“It’s where lost people go.”

“Spirits cannot rest there.”

“They come back. Angry.”

“People see bad things.”

Catacombs’ (1988) trailer
In this holy place there is darkness, dust, monks, writhing and black eyes. This looks good.

Best Lines:
“There is a dark secret in this abbey.”

“Last vestige of containment.”

“I believe it.”


“You are a frightened man.”

‘You, Me and the Apocalypse’ promo

Vanilla fudge - okay.
3 Tex-Mex dip selection - yum.
Mint crisp chocolate - yum.
Red pesto on gluten free sliced white Boule - nice.

Nicholas Brendon of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ continues to be a train wreck.

Anyone else recall the old game show ‘Cludeo’?

Kate Winslet Quote:
“I’m proud of those silences.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Events since then have developed with astonishing speed.”

“Clear expectation.”

“High for substance abuse.”


“Frightening and traumatic.”

“A heroin addict who robbed two elderly nuns.”

“Clear and identifiable need.”

“Having experienced so much instability.”

“His property is dumped on the lawn as neighbours do their best to politely look the other way.”

‘News’ Quotes:
“The threat they pose, evident.”

“Shared ownership scheme.”

“That same debtor.”

‘The Gloss’ Quotes:
“To want something the outside world might not have wanted for her.”

“Disowned ambition.”

“Never apologise for wanting.”

“Ambitions crash against the wall of reality.”

“Irrespective of her circumstances.”

“My mother was not having that. She decided I was already over-educated.”

“I was psychologically disturbed with the way my life was turning out.”

“Social architect.”

“It’s toxic in every way.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Terese berates the lying goob Brad. He turned his back on Terese and doesn’t care. He will not apologise. Lauren’s back. Terese sabotages Lauren’s store. Paul eyeballs Josh and plans grave themes. Lauren treats destroying Terese’s marriage as inconsequential. Lauren whines to Brad who is in her shed. They plot against Terese. Josh and Brad are stupid idiots who are incredibly self-centred and lacking in empathy. Neither have morals or ethics. Imogen bores. Paul plots against Josh. The brain-dead Piper shows up. Brad only cares about (.y.).

Piper and her vlog annoy. Paige, Amber and Lauren annoy. Brad takes Piper and Josh out with his mistress and bastard Paige. Josh and Piper lie about it to Terese despite the fact she saw them. Brad is a weak wuss. Toadfish wears a sweater vest. Lauren is a bitch. Karl and Susan are vile and cannot understand why Terese is upset with them. Josh does his stripper act and to think he was once going to go to the Commonwealth Games. Sonya is a bitch. Piper needs to go. Will Naomi leave already?

Best Lines:
“Contrary to popular belief, I am human.”

“Why aren’t you coming home?”

“His disgusting behaviour.”

“I hope you’re proud.”

“You going all ‘Magic Mike’.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Cindy has forgotten Rhys. Kim uses Lindsey’s makeup - ew. Celine won’t button up her uniform. Holly has massive extensions. Robbie has an insouciant attitude. Peri seems to have dropped out of school and is being patronised by Jack. Tegan whines about the woes of being her. Talentless meathead Ste does whatever he wants and has no charisma or presence. Tony and Diane’s attitude to Sinead running off isn’t believable. Cindy is derided for asking questions about the dead Dylan, Rick, Phoebe and Will. Dirk looks like a pile of dirty laundry. Peri has thwarted ambition. Ben knows Trevor is unstable, volatile, violent and dangerous. Robbie seems to have a conduct disorder. Harry is beyond witless.

Dr S’avage finally realises a serial killer is on the loose but telling police would reveal he isn’t actually a qualified doctor. Poor Will, went from nerd full of conviction to psycho killer to nobody caring he is dead. Ste is a cautionary tale. Dr S’avage is calm and methodical. The hospital seems to have no porters. Everybody tells Peri how to parent, Tom does nothing but whine and Peri decides to name the baby Steph after a long dead forgotten character. Dirk menaces Trevor with a nail gun. There is no alternative dispute resolution available in Chester apparently.

Tony babies Ste and treats him as emotionally scarred. Tegan has no self awareness. Vital drug tests are left unguarded. Ben (Ben Richards) is yum but dim. Patrick’s health deteriorates. Tegan shrieks. Celine confesses to being a drug addict. Tom calls Patrick “mental”. Celine is a moron as is Kim. Theresa shows up and Zack fancies her so Lisa pays the 22 year old cougar to date Zack. Where are Theresa’s children? Patrick is nasty. Celine complains about being ignored and boring. Charles goes to the cops and is targeted by the GHK.

Best Lines:
“I’m not having this!”

“A shrine to a load of dead people.”

“What did Dr S’avage’s wife die of?”

“Some kind of Harold Shipman in the loose.”

“My core team.”

“Just the ramblings of a drunk.”

“Coming along; as my babe.”

“Sneaky sausage.”

“Took a mouthful of hockey stick.”
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