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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Man In The High Castle’ trailer
America was defeated and divided between the Japanese and Germans. This is dark, dingy and looks good, hellish, oppressive and soul-draining. Rotten inside people are living in a mad nightmare.

Best Lines:
“The Axis powers of America.”

“One nation under rule.”

“Liberty and justice for none.”

‘The Man In The High Castle’ opening credits

‘Hollyoaks’ One Killer Week promo

‘Homeland’ promo

‘Neighbours’ promo
Paul gets nasty with Naomi and her barmaid makeup. Piper is a cow. Kyle bores. The smug Brad moves in with Lauren.

‘The X Files’ promo
Scully looks bored, Mulder drones, Skinner looks old and where is William? The truth is still out there and CSM is alive.

‘Quantico’ trailer
The FBI academy, an attack and an inside job. Is there really a magazine called ‘Lock & Load’?

Best Lines:
“My life took a very drastic turn.”

“Guess you’ll never know now.”

“I’ll be in jail!”

‘Quantico’ 1x02 promo
Our heroine is on the run. There is sweating, a fight and a whodunit mystery.

Best Lines:
“Cos I’m grateful.”

“Why do you think she’s innocent?”

‘The Blacklist’ season 3 preview
Ressler looks for Liz and Red. Liz goes blonde and Red is rude and they are surrounded by a vapour cloud of arrogance and misunderstood loyalties. I hope season 3 is an improvement after the barely acceptable performance of season 2.

Best Lines:
“Clean it. Torch it.”

“We come down guns raised.”

‘Teen Mom 2’ promo
Teen trash.

Best Line:
“I can’t get him to come home.”

Gluten free Triple Chocolate Cookies - too dry.
Sour cream herb & onion bake potato crisps - yum.
Gluten free pita bread - nice.
Chocó Lait Caramel - nice.
Cranberry & Apricot super seed snack - dull.
Mojito - yum.
Gluten free Thai green curry sticky rice chips - nice.

Sherlock’ series 4 in April.

I won’t read ‘Ascension’.

Fig perfume smells nice.

The forgotten horror movie ‘Catacombs’ had a cool, creepy VHS cover: Dare you enter the labyrinth? The corridors of hell.

Days Of Our Lives’ Quotes:
“Dear god.”

“Use the secret tunnels to bring him here.”

“Mon pere.”

“Hope Brady fell for me! She divorced Bo!”

“You can collect your money in hell!”

‘Awkward’ Quotes:
“Bogus social propaganda.”

“I can feel my body rehydrating.”

“Most basic.”

“Got shivved in the joint.”

“Left his wiener-apron.”

“Dumb bitch falls for it every time.”

“I wear shorter skirts than my teenage daughter.”

‘Undateables’ Quote:
“Are they all thirsty?”

‘Faking It’ Quotes:
“Your group hang.”

“Not in a hookery way.”

“Hey, Veronica Mars.”

“Go get the toilet paper.”

“Your pageant meltdown.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Naomi has no vixen fierceness. Paige has sharp elbows. Susan inexplicably supports the inept Brad and slut Lauren. Paige offends Brennan, again. Ramsey Street was once a quiet and quaint place and is now sketchy. There is more family intrigue as Josh shags Naomi. Testosterone cypionate dealer Josh thinks it is no big deal he banged Naomi. Paul finds out and FLIPS. The broke down Val Kilmer on psilocybin looking Josh better sleep with one eye open. Cue psychotic drama.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: This show has become a repetitive farce. Harry tells Tony he was doing drugs not Ste. Holly does something stupid. The writers are not realists. Will Tegan and Scott just die? Tegan provokes and colludes. Trevor blames Leela. Where is Curtis? Why does Ziggy have no shirt on? Ziggy wants out of the cage of marriage and then changes his mind. Ste is snide. He isn’t part of the Lomax clan. Where are Lola and Grace? Scott is a painfully uncomfortable character. Tony makes Harry go to an NA meeting. Doesn’t Jason have a job? Trevor does a conscious process of intimidation.

Where is Frankie? Where is Esther? There are ethical lapses all round. There are creatively-crushing unjustified storylines, arbitrary pointless characters and the less scrupulous get away with everything. There is no real prospect of clean up and when will Freddie pay for murdering Fraser Black? Ste boasts that he hasn’t listened to a CD since 2005. Everyone acts like Ste isn’t married to John-Paul. Ziggy has a harsh response to vile bully Tegan. Leela/Ziggy have a numbing effect. Rose has forgotten Tegan. Leela and Ziggy go on holiday. Tegan still wants Ziggy. John-Paul rants at Ste who snots. Holly does drugs. Is John-Paul comforting Ste over Sinead leaving? Where is Matthew? Dirk rants. Cameron is still is the opening credits. Robbie menaces Kyle. Tegan roars. Ste stalks Harry at his school like some creepy sex offender. Cindy finds the GHK’s lair.

Best Lines:
“What’s going on in here?”

“Any sign of Scarface?”

“I don’t want no more drama from you two!”

“You just stand there.”

“Such an over-reaction.”

“You’ll be robbing old ladies.”

“I’m addicted to loads!”

“I’m a stupid proud man.”

“I’m a nut job aren’t I?”

“That silly cow Sinead.”

“Everyone’s difficult to love sometimes.”

“Poisonings a bit ‘Murder She Wrote’.”

“Tragic or what?”
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