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Reign 2x08&2x09 + Agent Carter 1x07&1x08 Reviewed

Terror Of The Faithful
Francis deliberately alienates his wife. Catherine is deeply unkind to Claude. Protestants convey frustrations. Conde is asked for help. Narcisse stalks Lola in a wood. Francis has stultifying conformism. Mary is clumsy and po-faced. Nobody has didactic reflections. There is nothing but misery stringing Francis and Mary together. Francis has no arguable appeal. Francis is overwrought. Lola’s stupidity is entrenched. How do people not know Latin? Bash talks to Catherine. Francis stifles freedom and is far too mean and cynical. Claude is subjected to a virginity test by men - such things were done by women. Narcisse makes a move on Claude. Catherine suspects Claude of murder. Very little of this ep was well crafted.

Best Lines:
“Must you be so loud?”

“Bavaria? It’s cold. Smells like sheep dung.”

“Some rustic Bavarian.”

“You smell gamey.”

“You wilful nag.”

“All I will do.”

“You do inspire impatience.”

“A chaste Catholic wife.”

“She’s upset with some frequency.”

“It’s what drives my existence.”

“Blood will flow.”

“They ruin everything.”

“I’m not pleased.”

“You did this to us. To France.”

Acts Of War
Is it Christmas? Francis’ plodding whitebread style does not go down well. Claude’s hair has changed drastically. Mary dresses like a nun/Princess Leia. Mary and Francis’ interactions are less attractive. Bash is steadfastly loyal to the socially awkward manchild Francis. A marriage between Conde and Claude is proposed. Is Conde really a protestant? Mary is too shouty, show-offy and inaccessible. Claude defies cultural standards. Greer realises how deep her husband is in the grand narratives of system thinking. Claude has not a certain amount of respect for anyone. Narcisse makes threats. Various characters pronounce Valois differently. Bash kills a guy. Relaxed and smirking assassins attack the castle. This ep was not a picture of delight. This was not portentous and was in fact an non-memorable non-event whose inspiration was not torn from the heart and soul. Mary falls victim to right bastards and the inescapable trope of sexual violence. Mary, Queen of Scots did experience that but from her 3rd husband under still debated circumstances. There is bad acting and it’s all about Francis as always.

Best Lines:
“Servants get worse every year.”

“Is it that bad? Fantastic.”


“Might not want you gone.”

“I feel a creeping sense of unease.”

“I ask for things.”

“Dire, dire consequences.”

“Conde will never rule.”

“Ideally, no.”

“All is quiet.”

“I will not have you hissing in my ear!”

“No real place among your own blood.”

“Your selfless offer.”

“Presents for servants, how progressive.”

“Take back what’s yours.”

“I think you are accountable.”

Peggy lies and is astringent and affected and rude. She refuses to explain the contextual specifics and is smug to Souza. Jarvis strolls around. Howard Stark is scum. A man cooks in 1946. Dottie wears a fetish outfit and fights. The chief dies. This was sappy, dreary and implausible. Souza and Thompson get over their lack of understanding. But this was not efficacious.

Best Lines:
“Some daft whore.”

“I find you repulsive.”

“Panic was involved.”

“Leviathan is coming.”

“No one listens to me...no one looks at me.”

“Start shooting. To kill.”

“We’ve been compromised.”
“I know.”

“Incredibly flawed.”

Howard Stark has a selfish and boundless thirst for power and material prosperity. He never thinks about the negative effects and does no examination of conscience. This is a grave summons to conflict. Howard Stark glories in his sense of entitlement. Stark invented a psychosis inducing gas. Souza attacks Thompson. Is Souza the future husband of Peggy? There is not one Hydra mention. Howard Stark finally shows up. An attack on VE day is planned. Jarvis and Stark won’t stop lying. Jack gets the glory. This leaves one soul sapped. Peggy and Dottie fight. Will Thompson, Souza and Dottie be in season 2? There is a re-creation of the ending of ‘The First Avenger’. Angie shows up. When will Peggy found SHIELD? No-one wonders why Steve’s blood hasn’t dried. There is a cameo, yawn.

Best Lines:
“Be a diamond girl.”

“New visions will arise.”

“The silliest goose.”

"Souza tried to bite my nose off.”

“Midnight oil.”

“This isn’t good.”
“No. It isn’t.”

“I know my value.”

“He does not own my integrity.”

“I’m not a bad person.”
“Yes. Yes, you are.”

“I thought you’d be better.”
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