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Being Human Series 1 Review, Part 2

Ep 4
Mitchell befriends a bullied kid named Bernie, you can see where this is going right from the start. The ever irritating Lauren shows up to annoy. Bernie's mother Fleur notices that Mitchell has no reflection however her mind is taken off that when Bernie watches the vampire porn DVD, so Fleur makes a nasty allegation against Mitchell. Which leads to a near riot and Bernie getting hit by a car. Mitchell makes Bernie into a vampire to save him.

Meanwhile Nina reveals that she has terrible burn scars. Annie learns more and more about how her entire relationship with Owen was a lie. Mitchell reveals he was made a vampire in 1909. This was fairly predictable and the Mitchell through the ages montage was cheesy.

Best Lines:
"I didn't keep it, so much as not throw it out."

"I got a nosebleed in Morrisons and she threw up in a freezer."

Ep 5
Annie decides to haunt Owen. Bernie couldn't see Annie but now Owen can but he is unimpressed by Annie's haunting. Annie tries to talk to Janey, Owen's new girlfriend but is ignored. After his experience in Ep 4, Mitchell has rejoined his vampire brethren. He meets Josie, who was his girlfriend in the 1960's.

Annie and George have to rescue Mitchell from the vampires, Mitchell stakes Lauren and then Owen shows up to gloat. However Annie gets Owen at last when she tells him a secret that makes Owen suffer a breakdown. It's now Annie's time to move on, then Herrick stakes Mitchell.

This was good but if vampires can't be photographed, how did Mitchell get his photo ID tag?

Best Lines:
"This is someone who killed his fiancée, concealed it and then rented out the crime scene."

"The only reason why I haven't torn your bastard face off yet is because, I've just done the hoovering in here."

"I'm going to tell you the very worst thing in the world, something only the dead know."

"Find a safe place with locks and bad dogs and never, ever turn out the light."

Ep 6
A flashback shows how Mitchell and George meet. George befriends a sarcastic, vomiting Vicar. Mitchell feeds off Josie and recovers. Herrick and a vampire dinner lady menace George. Nina sees George transform into a werewolf and kill Herrick. However George scratched Nina during the kafuffle. Owen's locked up in a secure unit worrying about people breaking in. Someone is questioning him, someone interesting in Annie, George and Mitchell.

This was good and sets up a lot of plot for season 1. Though George's humanity speech was so cheesy.
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