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Zoo 1x06 + The Americans 3x13 Reviewed

This Is What It Looks Like
The world is corrupt, ruined, poisonous and grim. A bear strolls around a Parisian flat. A joyless and immoral society in which complaining doesn’t go down well is shown. A criminal is disrespectful. Mitch creates deep animosity and is incapable of non-confrontational approaches. The plot does not generate cohesion. The FBI agent judges and belittles. So many unpalatable men are into coercive control. A huge syringe is waved. Does anyone wonder what is going on in Africa with the lions? The FBI agent is a bad one. Shocker, only not. How does nobody notice the stairwell fight?

Best Lines:
“I am the authority.”

“Do it or I’ll kill you.”

“Not important or appropriate.”

March 8, 1983
Season 3 has under-performed egregiously. Regan makes a speech. Elizabeth and Paige visit West Germany. Philip gets called on his caustic jaded cynicism. Stan plots, Gaad flips out and Elizabeth meets her mother. But is it her mother? That’s enough for her, but it isn’t for Paige. Things go awry. Cotter Smith shows up. Sandra talks. Philip does bizarre things. Paige does something irrevocable. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“They’re liars.”

“Nobody caught the passport.”

“Connected to her roots.”

“They’re not who they say they are. They’re not American...They’re Russians.”
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