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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Criminal Minds’ 10x21 promo
Hotch is bothered.

‘The Walk’ TV spot

Menthol extra strong mints - good.
Cheese and apple - yum.

‘The Last Ship’ has been renewed. How?

I may review ‘Silent House’.

I won't review ‘Asking For It’.

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“You don’t know what you’re claiming to know.”

“Embrace some conclusion or belief.”

“An emotional underpinning.”

“Those things bother you.”

“Brass knuckles and his knives.”

“Believes we did something wrong.”

“We didn’t do anything wrong.”

“You should do that.”

“Is that incontinent for you?”

“Set them free with information.”

“Don’t get irritated.”

“The Facebook stuff.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Company keeping.”

“Be attended by unsuitables from a distance.”

“Out with paganism.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Deficit deniers.”

“Theatrical politics.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Brad blames everything that’s happened on Terese’s drinking and not his blatant adultery. Classic criticism avoidance. He runs off to screw Lauren as she has been making doe eyes at him over jam to reaffirm her love for him. Brad and his false promises needs to die. Brad picks Lauren not Terese. Brad whines about being judged for screwing Lauren. Karl needs to judge. Brad is not sorry at all. Paige is glad. Susan and Karl are on Brad’s side. Toadfish arrives home and whines. Paul and Naomi are a couple. Kyle and Georgia break up. Paige and Lauren show up to rub Terese’s face in it. Josh is on Brad’s side. Brad and Lauren have post coital smugness.

Brad only cares about Lauren and is constantly going to her to hook up. Paul dobbed Brad in to Terese. Brad rejects his wife and she has a lawn tantrum. Brad is stupid. Lauren admits she was after Brad from day 1. Terese throws jam and shoves Lauren into the pool. Brad still won’t apologise. Brad cares more for simpering Lauren then his wife. Brad lies and refuses to comfort his wife. Lauren ignores how she betrayed and lied to her dead husband and planned this all along. Why does anyone want Brad? Lauren tells Brad to pick her. Where is Brad and Terese’s third child? Terese throws Brad out. Amber accuses her mother of never loving Matt.

Best Lines:
“Your mum hooked up with our dad.”

“Another toxic secret.”

“There was no affair!”

“How convenient for you both.”

“You wanted this all along.”

“I haven’t always put you first.”

“Alternate life that was lost to me.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Orange Ste bangs Harry - eeewww. Fake Lisa’s non-brother Zack is busted for soliciting. Where are Tegan, Leela and John-Paul? Lockie yells. Wayne the pimp is about as scary as a fart. Selfish cow Lindsey plans to move to Manchester with hypnotoad and JJ. Mercedes has a big belly. Lindsey needs a battering. Zack’s parents yell. Kim plots. Mercedes lists her many dead husbands and fiancée. Ste doesn’t want to cheat on Sinead ignoring the fact he is cheating on John-Paul like he cheated on Doug. Lindsey ignores JJ. Ste wants cock. Fake Lisa obsesses over Jade who may be her actual sister. Wayne and his greasy fringe lurk.

Lindsey learns her job application form never made it. Lindsey and her Croydon facelift ponytail sulks. Fake Lisa is stupid. Wayne can’t act. Zack breaks his leg and there goes his football career. Fat Lindsey whines. Ste and his sweaty tracksuit lurks. Ste shagged George and then attacked him in the street - does anyone recall? Mercedes and Locke shag and she has no shame. Cameron is still in the opening credits. Diane is still sick. Lockie can’t control his wang. Ste wants Harry and no one seems to recall that Ste is married to John-Paul. Joe buys booze for the pregnant Mercedes. Where is Esther? Sinead breaks out her old hooker gear and whips up a curry. Wayne gets a battering. Lisa is a fake and is not Lisa. Real Lisa is still out there. It’s like ‘Brat Farrar’.

Best Lines:
“My cousin’s bisexual philandering husband.”

“Kerb crawling? KERB CRAWLING?!?”

“I didn’t do nothing is NOT AN EXPLANATION!”

“Mercedes Mcslutface.”

“Lisa’s a hooker!”
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