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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Last Panthers’ promo

‘Steve Jobs: The Man in The Machine’ promo

‘The Martian’ promo

Reeses Big Cup - nice.

Dear now departed one night houseguests: you brought no gifts, instead you talked too loudly, lay in bed, yelled about newspapers, stole a magazine, created havoc in the kitchen and ran taps excessively. All the while telling us how to redesign our home - kindly piss off.

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Supine and blotto in a piss-stained club toilet.”

“Intolerably fetid.”

“Heroically ludicrous.”

“If you think I’m drunk wait until Peter O’Toole makes his entrance.”

“Mad hats.”

“Please stop looking at me like that with such venom.”

“Looks more like a boiled onion.”

“A louder version.”

“Rejected and reviled.”

“As if it has homicidal intent.”

“Taste like KFC left for dead.”

“I loathe Haggis in any form. They are evil meatballs.”

“His memory despised.”

“A fear of intellectual honesty.”

“A low opinion of man as an individual.”


“The tone of which is so self-contentedly, exclusively male.”

“Domestic ineptitude.”

“Looks like angry Virgin air hostesses.”

“Moral claim.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Everyone blames me for the pregnancy.”

“I’m a little speechless here.”

“Where’s the baby?”

“Are you a suitable mother?”

“That’s not an honest answer.”

“They don’t like me.”
“That’s false.”

“Not that family.”

“Neither can you.”

“I never heard that.”

“She’s just so out of control.”

“The toxicity of this home.”


‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“A tentative rapprochement has since collapsed over a dispute about paint colours.”

“She was banned from the wedding and is allowed no contact with her grandson.”

“A collection of Hitler memorabilia in the clock tower and monkeys pulling off car aerials.”

“They indulge in prolonged and pointless conversations.”

“Stark and poor.”

“Poor, hopeless and stuck.”

“I will complain bitterly.”

“Cause the cardboard to bulge sweatily.”

“Such an inflated sense of entitlement.”

“Their anti-corporate nonchalance.”

“A cultural significance.”

“She was deliberately glacial and distant.”

“Out-imaging all of them.”

“No foreseeable end to it.”

“Less than decorous terms.”


“Not entirely morally vacuous.”

“Marginalisation and demonisation.”

“Low-level disruption.”

“A belligerent recluse.”


“The bog-standard rant of an anarchist after he’s thrown a brick through a McDonald’s window.”
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