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Reign 2x05 + Agent Carter 1x05 Reviewed

Blood For Blood
Protestants are bothered. The new opening credits are good. The King and Queen of France don’t have dressers. Bash and Leith seem to be Francis’ only servants. The phrase Huguenot isn’t used. Francis is credulous and insufficiently cautious. The political situations in Scotland and England are mentioned. Conde and Narcisse yell. Kenna reads a sex journal. Francis is exhorted to do the right thing. The Queen’s ladies climb into a fountain uncaring of propriety or legionaries disease. The nanny gurns. Would anybody in this era use the word diaper? Francis is properly stupid and gets blackmailed. Castleroy reveals a secret. Greer wears a wildly anachronistic wedding dress. Tea is drunk. Was there tea then? Mary won’t stop talking. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Now they’re your children.”

“For holding unpopular beliefs.”

“Justice. For heretics?”

“It is also against the law not to worship as Rome requires.”

“Catholic rulers losing their thrones. I am in no rush to import that struggle to France.”
“Your Grace, it is already here!”
“Not openly. Not yet.”

“I have a brother. The King of Navarre.”

“I met them the other night. Very unpleasant.”

Nothing but paid brutes.”

“Revenge on revenge.”

“No one will thank you for it.”

“When they gain power and decide they want yours.”

The Iron Ceiling
Dottie is a product of the Black Widow programme the Red Room but neither phrase is used. Peggy and the Howling Commandos reunite - there are new members who act like they’ve been there all along. The derided Thompson has depth. Jarvis is a moral stain. Dottie is a disturbed trier. John Glover shows up as a reporter. There is a mention of Turing. Souza is onto Peggy. Souza properly hurts with some charisma. The Howard Stark main plot arc isn’t impressively propulsive. This was okay. So much for a potential Carter/Souza ship, ah well - everything is impermanent.

Best Lines:
“A weapon they don’t know how to build.”

“He is not mad. He is burdened.”

“Run Peggy run.”

“I hate you all.”

“Never speak again.”
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