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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Flash’ season 2 trailer
Who is Zoom? Patty, Atom Smasher and a Flash signal feature. Iris won’t go away.

Best Line:
“An unstoppable demon.”

Shaun of The Dead’ trailer
Terrible trailer.

‘Be Cool’ trailer
Terrible movie, worse trailer.

‘The Amityville Horror’ trailer
This remake movie is terrible as is the trailer.

Diaper Surprise ad
This is just wrong.

Bite size Brownie Biscuits - yum.
Chocolate Gianduia with Hazelnuts - good.
Hazelnut choc - good.
McMor - okay.

I will review ‘The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2015’ and ‘The City Stained Red’.

I won’t review ‘The Silver Skull’ or ‘Once Upon A Time’ 4x10 ‘Fall’ or 4x10 ‘Shattered Sight’.

Series 3 of ‘Black Mirror’ will air on Netflix? Oh piss off Channel 4.

A young Clint Eastwood on ‘Rawhide’ = cute.

Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I verbally said things.”

“No wonder nobody likes you.”

“Constantly disrespected.”

“The disrespect.”

“Materialistic leeches.”

“Threatening him with a brick.”

“Non-loving relationship.”


“Snide comments.”

“Really bad problem solving skills.”

“It simply is not true.”

“You’re telling lies.”

“I don’t live here for free!”

“A manja cake.”

“Tired of hearing you.”

“Emotional integrity.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Lifeforms potentially drastically different to anything we’ve considered.”

“Homo naldi walked the earth possibly as early as 2-2.5 million years ago.”

“They have lain hidden and undisturbed for perhaps millions of years.”

‘The Greatest Knight’ Quotes:
“Nobles were warned not to comb their hair, clean their nails, scratch themselves or look for fleas in their breeches.”

“William Marshal had buried his first King. It would not be his last.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Kim continues faking Freddie being a child neglecter. What does Ben see in Sienna? Where is Tom and Peri’s child? This show is like a French farce. Reenie yanks on Porsche’s thong. Nico is jealous of Sienna and Ben. Lockie and fake Lisa flirt. Nico plots. Where is Grace? Why is Leela looking after Curtis? Why did Carly the drug addict not sell the £50,000 ring she stole? Trevor gets his door smashed down by the fuzz, again. Nana McQueen looks up Derek. Who? Nico shoves her mother into a grave and menaces her. Harry fancies Ste - why? Fake Lisa’s creepy friend resurfaces and makes her go back on the game.

Best Lines:
“That nutter.”

“You were the grass?”

“I don’t shove my knickers’ in the neighbours’ faces!”

“COPD - whatever that is.”

“Failed marriage - his fault. Fishy family.”

“Snotty nosed shelf stacker.”

“Low end burger bar.”

“We need to get to the bingo by 5.”

“You think you’re bullet proof.”

“Whatever heats my meat.”

“I’d rather have a bikini wax with duct tape.”
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