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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

The Flash’ season 2 promo
Nice but where is Wells?

‘Krampus’ trailer
Evil Santa has come to town and you gonna die! HA!

Best Lines:
“Mine’s dry.”

“Looks like Martha Stewart threw up in here.”

‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D’ season 3 promo
Skye calls herself Daisy and Inhumans lurk. No.

Best Lines:
“I’m not scared of you.”
“You should be.”

‘Arrow’ season 4 promo
Oliver lives in the burbs with Felicity. Ray is believed dead. Diggle wears a ridiculous super suit. Laurel gets blonder and since when can she ride a motorbike? Malcolm, Constantine, Nyssa, Lance and guns pop up. As does Damien Darhk. In this moral tundra, there are no innocent people.

Best Lines:
“Oliver walked away.”

“Let it die.”

“You brought madness.”

“Inspired monsters.

‘You’ll Never See Me Again’ (1973) promo
A wife storms out on her lout husband after a row and vanishes. Looks good.

Best Lines:
“I’ll bite your hand.”

“You made me lose my temper.”

“Take the bus!”
“I will!”

Corn relish - nice.

There will be no paperback of ‘Mammoth Book Of Best New Horror 26’. Damn.

My phone line has been fixed. Took long enough.

I won’t read ‘Absent’.

Artists and Models’ (1955) was an artistically negligible Martin and Lewis comedy.

BBC1’s new drama ‘Doctor Foster’ is not good.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I don’t like anyone.”

“Why would you do that?”
“Because I’m angry.”

“I don’t have respect for anyone.”

“I choose not to like them.”

“You made a girl cry.”

“Frequent enough.”

“I insult strangers.”

“You’ve done it worse.”

“A stupid bitch.”

“Has no filter.”

“Nobody listens.”

“The lack of understanding.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Brad brands Terese a crazed alcho.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Lola and Trevor’s plan to rob Patrick goes awry. Theresa tries to expose Patrick as a liar and thief but fails. Patrick gloats, he hasn’t changed an iota. The Robbie/Holly/Jason triangle of doom drags on. Lola is Ashley. Ben is terrible at his job and Nico is nuts.
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