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VR.5 (1995) 1x12 + The Walking Dead 5x16 Reviewed

Parallel Lives
Duncan wakes up in the vastly changed loft in the locationally non-specific city. He has big poufy hair and Samantha Bloom shows up with no bra and soap opera earrings. Is it a parallel reality or a test? What do you think? Duncan looks up the not dead Frank Morgan (Will Patton), Billy Burke of ‘Zoo’ appears and the phone company is a thing. This ep had no lustre. Frank Morgan has hair and is strenuously annoying. Oliver shows up to annoy and no one has any moral requirements. Naturally the whole thing is a test by the deranged Dr Joseph Bloom (David McCallum) who lurks in the shadows being conspicuously creepy whilst Duncan is left in a nasty phonebox.

Best Lines:
“This is wrong.”

“Maybe VR12 turns you into Fabio.”

“Go back to your fraternity house and leave me alone!”

“Cyber geek.”

“Welcome to the game Samantha Bloom.”


Morgan’s back, again. Morgan hits bad guys with a stick. Rick’s gang are selfish and violence planning morons. The inconveniently nice Alexandria people are lectured by the arrogant Rick. Daryl and his very special friend fall into a trap. Rick is not contrite for his sins. Carol makes conscious decisions to be awful Glenn gets shot. Gabriel acts crazy. Morgan acts weird. Eugene has no reticence about spewing verbal diarrhoea. Gabriel doesn’t close the gate. Glenn refuses to die. Rick gets proven right cos TPTB love him and lickarse him. Who are the Wolves? Rick’s agitating speech bores. Seriously will someone shoot him? Carol provoked a murder. This was incoherent and ridiculous.

Best Lines:
“I want everything you have.”

“I will not allow that.”

“We still have knives.”

“Did you want this?”

“There’s bad people out here.”

“Yes. There’s that.”

“Don’t make something happen.”

“You don’t deserve to be here.”

“What you did can never be undone.”

“Luck runs out.”
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