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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’ TV spot

‘Gangland: Undercover’ promo

‘Seven Pounds’ (2008) promo
Naff and blighted.

‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ promo

Rosemary chips - ugh.
Iberian burger with gluten free bun - yum.
Milk honeycomb chocolate - okay.
Chimichurri sauce - okay.

Plebs Sordida - great unwashed.

Anyone else recall Channel 4’s ‘The Trial of Tony Blair’?

‘The Forbidden’ Quote:
“Some stories are too terrible to be true. Until you begin to believe them.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Marsh of money and unhappiness.”

“A less honey-tongued hypocrite.”

“How far untamed vice can go when combined with unlimited power.”

“Had bequeathed to history the template of tyranny.”

“Something indecent in this emotionalism.”

“Became politically suspect.”

“Whose methods were not gentle.”

“He despised danger.”

“Stared vacantly at the wall and listened.”

“Gave them a good hosing and fused the detonator.”

“Warped sense of self-belief.”

“Without kindness it doesn’t mean much.”

“Legal safety.”

“When this goes wrong it goes spectacularly wrong.”

“Bear Grylls, urine enthusiast.”

“Deeply and irrevocably lost in his own myth.”

“Some of them just really like fighting.”

“Dishevelled appearance and befuddled behaviour.”

“Yah-boo culture.”

“Making cruel and insinuating remarks.”

“An unpleasant undercurrent all the time.”

“Hobbesian battle for survival.”

“Don’t join any discreet adultery sites.”

“Never tell anyone anything.”

“Fathers and daughters avoid speaking to each other.”

“Nobody would listen.”

“A really rough school.”

“Has me with my shirt off in the first 15 minutes.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“Threw my Xbox down the stairs.”

“Can’t fall off the floor.”

‘MotherLove’ Quotes:
“What does she do? I mean actually do, all day?”
“Dust. Read. Brood. Shop.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Lauren hurls herself at Brad and he reciprocates. Amber wanted the garden shed to be a darkroom but Lauren and Paige ruined that. Terese confronts Brad over his scapegoating of her. Brad fuels her misery and paranoia. Karl doesn’t care. Lauren and Paige are desperate to be the cool girls. Terese cries as Brad and Lauren flirt. Lauren doesn’t care about her dead husband. Shelia is an informer. Toadfish whines.

Best Lines:
“Everything I do seems to upset Terese.”

“I don’t care about that anymore.”

“They’re fun and I’m not.”

“I am past caring.”

“Did he complain about me?”

“Brad was never happy in our marriage.”

“He’s fed up with me.”

“Probably sending her crazy.”

“My husband goes and puts his wood in her shed!”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Kim frames hypnotoad for child neglect. Ha ha ha. Evil new gangster lady plots. Robbie wants to shag Holly. How could hypnotoad get a visa to holiday in the USA with his criminal record?
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