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Book Reviews: The Perfectionists + The Exorcist + MotherLove

The Perfectionists by Sara Shepard
This is Book 1 in the duology. Big man on campus Nolan has enemies and they want to make him pay for his bullying. But they don’t want him dead, do they? This was good but the adults are ridiculously dumb and uninvolved.

Best Lines:
“Enjoy your popularity while you still have it,”

“The parties she probably wouldn’t be invited to anymore.”

“Did look a little too Hogwarts-chic.”

“Hey, dirty girl,”

“We’re watching you - all of you.”

The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty
This had no scary implications as it was just a paint by numbers heavy and turgid pot-boiler. This was incoherent, irritating and pointless.

MotherLove by Domini Taylor
This 1983 novel was made into the 1989 BBC miniseries starring Diana Rigg and David McCallum. Angela marries Kit and is drawn in to a decades long web of lies. Kit’s smother Helena has total hatred for her ex husband Alex and believes she has successfully alienated Kit from his father. In reality Kit has a relationship with Alex and his new family. Priggish Angela is persuaded to go along with the lies and cover ups. Nobody ever calls Helena on her emotional abuse, immaturity and obvious insanity so her quest for vengeance grows. If Alex or Kit had acted responsibly years earlier then the web of darkness and murder Helena created could have all been avoided. This was good but sadly homophobic and sexist in places, there are also stupid police, terrible parenting and dated technology.

Best Lines:
“The world as he knew it was himself and Nell, with a succession of women scrubbing.”

“Music was foreign, like mucked-up food and a stupid way of talking.”

“Consorts of whores, fathers of bastards.”
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