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Being Human Series 1 Review, Part 1

Being Human (2009)

A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost share a house in Bristol.

Ep 1
Mitchell the vampire has gone cold turkey from blood and is being menaced by Herrick who sired him. George the werewolf learns his isolation room is being converted into an office. So George runs frantically around the countryside looking for a place to transform but keeps tripping over people. Owen the landlord doesn't fix the leaky tap. Lauren who Mitchell turned into a vampire kills Becca, who was a friend of Mitchell and George.

This was good, it was both dark and funny. The idea of a vampire and a werewolf working as hospital porters, hee.

Best Lines:
"Look at the state of it - furniture all smashed up, those marks on the walls. They been keeping the mentals in here or what?"

"You smell like a polo, have you got a hole?"

Ep 2

George meets Tully who is also a werewolf. He tutors George on the finer points of werewolfdom, he also causes George to act like a tool. However Tully has a major secret. Also George fancies Nurse Nina and Lauren sends Mitchell some vampire porn.

This was okay, George's werewolf problems aren't that interesting.

Best Lines:
"Oh yes, they exist too you know."
"Yeah, I know they exist. I keep getting beaten up by the bastards."

"Three shadowy, secretive people who never come out, never talk to anyone."

Ep 3
Annie hangs out with a fellow ghost trying to figure out why she hasn't gone to heaven yet. She tries to resolve her current state by hanging around Owen, her former fiancée. But hanging around Owen causes some terrible memories to emerge: Owen was an abusive jerk and he killed her by throwing her down the stairs.

Meanwhile Nina comes over for dinner and she and George get it on. Lauren and Mitchell get it on over blood and sex. When the blood lust is on them, their eyes turn solid black. This was okay.
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