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Trailers, Quotes and a 2006 Tape Tale

‘Effie Gray’ trailer

‘God Help The Girl’ trailer

‘When The Lights Went Out’ trailer
A ghost, horrid wallpaper and an exorcism. Maybe.

Best Lines:
“Right mysterious.”

“What are you going to do now?”

‘Ricki and The Flash’ TV spot

‘Bruce Almighty’ (2003) promo

‘The Killing Mind’ (1991) promo
A cop looks into the ballerina murder case. Seems okay.

Wild Berry mints - okay.
Cucumber pickle - nice.

‘The Man From UNCLE’ Quote:
“Napoleon, really. Don’t you ever turn it off?”

‘The Hills’ Quote:
“I want to forget you.”

‘Danse Macabre’ Quotes:
“Such endearing lapses of taste.”

“In a theater so sleazy that even the EXIT lights were broken.”

“That Lovecraftian gulf between the stars.”

‘The Red Hand’ Quotes:
Get those wounds seen to. You’re bleeding on my floor.”

“Dies Irae Venit.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Cameron is in jail. Leela has a side plait and fakes being pregnant. Ziggy takes his shirt off and is dumb. Peri has GHDed hair. Sinead punched someone in school for calling her a skank? Remember when Sinead wanted to be a vet? Ste whines. Tegan looms oozing negativity and distain. Tom coos over the huge baby and is contemptuous. Peri is hostile. Ste needs to piss off. Lockie finally resurfaces. Ste needs to get lost - he isn’t one of the Lomax clan. Frankie and Jack lurk looking for a new baby to steal. This lacks substance.

Leela is emotionally needy. Tegan needs a kicking. Everyone is mad. Celine looks wan. Ziggy smirks at a good looking beggar and makes out with Tegan. Pete and Reenie lurk like a stale fart. Tom cries. Leela visits Cameron and whines. Sam and Danny kind of deserved death. Peri cries. Celine is bulimic. Pete pervs. Sinead has uncertainty and suggests an open relationship. Ste is slack jawed. Peri keeps the baby.

Smary Ziggy is a vile cheater. Nico seeks revenge. Kim goes madder. Ste nearly cheats on Sinead with her stepbrother Harry and then goes home to her to play more no homo games. Sinead strikes a pose like she’s back on the game.

Best Lines:
“That baby deserves a better dad than you.”

“Oh poor you.”

“You’re always sorry for something.”

“I killed people.”

“I’m a ridiculous human being.”

“You’ve got nowhere else.”

“Cookie caramel?”

“I need a wazz.”

“Come up soon Pete.”

“My entire family’s a nightmare.”

“Dirty skank.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Josh stalks Amber online. Lauren and Paige fawn over Brad. Terse needs to use more trenchant language. Brad won’t tell Terse he loves her. Burk. He won’t engage with his family as he is too busy panting after Lauren. He is a pathetic weak man.

Cleared out a tape from 2006. It began with a ‘Veronica Mars’ season 2 ep ‘I Am God’ in which Veronica has glossy print outs, is snotty and dreams. Veronica wants to solve the stupid high school bus crash mystery. Why does Veronica tolerate Dick? Veronica sulks and this was dull.

Best Lines:
“No pulse. No privacy.”

“That wide-eyed Margot Kidder in a bush look.”

Then came a season 1 ‘Supernatural’ ep ‘Dead Man’s Blood’ which has vampires and bad hair. Sam whines and fakes anxiety. John growls and this was boring.

Best Line:
“You’re the one who closed that door, not me.”

Then came another ‘Supernatural’ ep ‘Devil’s Trap’ in which Meg has John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). There is bad acting and John’s terrible parenting goes on. Bobby pulls faces. People obsess over the occult. Recall when they used to save the demon possessed? There is growling done in lieu of actual acting. John is possessed and Dean can tell because his disgusting father is nice to him. So much for a father’s undying love. This was inept and nobody does anything sensible. This was petty and had people acting at the expense of their characters.

Best Lines:
“I don’t care.”
“I do.”

“More and more demons are walking among us. A lot more.”

“That’s a human possessed by a demon, can’t you tell?”

“You’re selfish. You know that?”

“Oh, that’d be a neat trick.”

“Let the gun float to you there psychic boy.”

“Trapped inside his own meat suit.”
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