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Facing The Fire
In trying to help a pilot (Neal McDonough), Sydney gives him false memories of abuse. But are the memories actually her own? Good.

I can’t believe this show is 20 years old. Sydney (Lori Singer of ‘Warlock’, ‘Footloose’, ‘Fame’ and ‘Born Beautiful’) is reunited with her long presumed dead sister Samantha (Tracey Needham). Their long presumed dead father Dr Joseph Bloom (David McCallum) isn’t lurking in bushes anymore. There is stained glass, Oliver (Anthony Head) being annoying and Duncan (Michael Easton) running around. The title refers to the degree of immersion the protagonist experiences in virtual reality and the show ends on a cliffhanger of her being left in a coma.

This had bizarre opening credits, mentions of East Germany and babbling about how Samantha and Oliver were prisoners of the committee and believed Sydney dead. Nora Bloom (Louise Fletcher) features in bizarre memory trips as Sydney learns the 1978 car crash that ‘killed’ her father and sister was nothing of the sort. VR sunglasses are worn. McCallum provides class. Who menaced Joseph and his family? There is an underwater stunt, outdated technology, fake memories, trippy scenes, Oliver being gross and yet this was sadly dull.

Best Lines:
“I knew you’d save us Sydney.”

“Daddy and I.”

“Where’s Daddy?”

“I don’t remember much before Germany.”

“What’s it like to be free?”

“I’m his Keeper.”

“Daddy’s gone much further.”

“What accident?”

“Two computers. Two modems.”

“A computer with a modem.”

“I told you never to come here.”

“I remember this too.”

“Stop this.”
“I can’t.”

“I will never trust you.”

“Or fry trying.”

Dishpan Man
Hannibal is kidnapped by General Hunt Stockwell (Robert Vaughn overacting). Nothing of note happens.

Best Lines:
“Woefully inept.

Rick acts like a rant raving violent lunatic. A significant occurrence takes place that proves Rick can’t co-exist with normal people. Rick’s violent ranting needs to have serious ramifications for his stupid impulsive decisions. Rick and Glen are arrogant asses. Where do the endless streams of walkers come from? Why does this world have no zombie lore? How can they stab people in the head so easily? This was crap violent melodrama.

Best Lines:
“These people, they have to go.”

“Their rules, we don’t answer to them.”

“Step back.”

“Keep walking.”

“People like you are supposed to be dead.”

“It’s their world. We’re just living in it.”

“You’re afraid of me too.”

“This isn’t for you.”


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