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Book Reviews: Kitty Saves The World + Spell Fantastic + Dogboy

Kitty Saves The World by Carrie Vaughn
The final book in the ‘Kitty Norville’ saga sees Kitty and co face off with Roman in a final confrontation. The big reveal of Roman’s boss jars slightly as does the reveal of the true origin the vampire/werewolf kind. But Kitty faces down the unshakably calm Roman and the saga comes to a gloriously indulgent end. This was a highly enjoyable wrap up tale of moral courage and baddies terminally unable to stop.

Best Lines:
“Vampire mace.”

“I’ll not repent! I will not repent!”

“And we owe him nothing for that, thank God.”

“Rick and the vampire ninjas!”

“He was a fossil walking the Earth.”

Spell Fantastic edited by Martin H. Greenberg & Larry Segriff
A dull DAW anthology about magic.

Dogboy by Gillian White
Like ‘Copycat’, ‘Nasty Habits’, ‘Sleeper’ and ‘Grandfather’s Footsteps’ this is a misfire. Vile chav Fergus stalks his former social worker alongside a killer dog. This was terrible and populated by jerks.

Best Lines:
“They can shout as loudly as they like but they will never be heard.”

“I were just havin’ a pee, that’s all...”
“Through our letterbox! Well naturally, where else would you choose to relieve yourself while passing through a village on a midsummer night?”

“Your highly unpleasant breath.”

“I’ll bash you...”

“She feels like a prefect who’s been caught with her knickers down and a cucumber in her hand.”

“Your cry for sympathy disgusts me.”

“I can pity it. But it still repels me.”

“You were born evil and I never cared about you.”
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