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Lost Season 5 Ep 14 Review

The Variable

Desmond's in hospital, Penny's worried and Widmore is lurking. Back in the 1970's Daniel, who never seems to wash or comb his hair, runs around acting mental. Daniel needs a slap, however he learns the hard way that his mom is a lying liar who lies. Daniel's mental state and crying is explained by the fact he experimented on himself. However Daniel's crazy act is just annoying and it gets creepy when he rants at a young Charlotte. Sawyer and Juliet are busted by Dharma. Daniel thinks he can change history and prevent the crash of Flight 815, he also thinks he can get away with waving a gun in Richard's face. Eloise disabuses him of that notion by shooting him in the back. Too late Daniel realises what toxic parents he had (Widmore's his dad).

Why was Daniel so dumb and belligerent to threaten Richard? How did Richard know that Daniel wouldn't shoot him? If the bullet went through Daniel, where did it go and how did it miss Richard? No-one has ever explained why Daniel's surname is Faraday. If Eloise didn't want her son to study music, why did she buy him a piano? Did nobody notice Jack's massive tattoos? They're not very 1970's. Where was Widmore when Daniel was menacing Richard?

This was good, thankfully TPTB have done the sensible thing and killed off the two annoying Freighter folk (Charlotte and Daniel).

Best Lines:
"Does anyone know where I can find the Hostiles?"

"Your mother is an Other?"

"I just got shot by a physicist!"
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