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The Last Ship 2x09 + Zoo 1x03 + Covert Affairs 4x12-4x16 + The Americans 3x10 Reviewed

Uneasy Lies The Head
Dr Scott asks the nasty carrier to help her develop the new form of the vaccine. Dr Scott is orange and needs mussels. The POTUS is wont to sneer. The carrier is far beyond reasonable debate and valid criticism and has false murderous jollity. Chandler runs into more immunes and stupid teenagers. Dr Scott deals with the carrier’s beady mumblings once and for all. Chandler deals with greasy violent thugs who are throughly tiresome. I was deeply unimpressed by this; it created not one genuine honest reaction. This just had gunfights and lacked intellectual stimulus. Why is season 2 so awful and uncoupling? The IDF solider looks like Angelina Jolie. Immunes use smart phones. Is the POTUS on the level?

Best Lines:
“It was elegant.”

“Won’t dare go.”

“A country that’s barely recognisable.”

“Dead we assume.”

“No one ever came for us.”

“DNA scissors.”

“Please put up a fight.”

“You were able to kill five billion people.”

“Flush it out? How?”

“Undo what you did.”

“There’s just so much of it.”

“I’ve already done it.”

“It died with you.”

The Silence Of The Cicadas
Hungry like the wolves! There is panic and disorder and the guttural growler wants to discover and forewarn. Jamie does unsubstantiated, one-dimensional and simplistic ranting. Jackson meets his stepmother (Tamlyn Tomita of ‘The Burning Zone’). Bats attack a plane. Animals continue to get extremely violent and aggressive. A death row inmate postures in a prison. Chloe wears excessive eye makeup. This episode created pained disappointment. Animals engage in needs based activities. Jamie does weird bits of conjectures and acts in small and unpleasant ways while casting spurious aspersions. Jackson’s stepmother seems to die. This was not stately, elegiac or moving. Injustice collector Jamie bores. There is bad acting and wolves attack the prison. The nice suit dude travels a lot and assembles a team. Mitch sneers.

Best Lines:
“Massacred by dogs?”

“Love is difficult.”

“A notorious crackpot.”

“The creeping things.”

“It’s up to yellow.”

“Disturbing behaviour we witnessed.”

“Definitely disturbing.”

“Separates the proud from the pathetic.”

“My knife is fast.”

“That can’t be good.”

“Made empathy impossible.”

Something Against You
Annie has snidness and plans deep penetration into target territory. Auggie’s former fancy bit Helen and her latest hairdo shows up. Auggie claims she wants to revisit them. Auggie won’t stop shredding reputations. Annie plays at plaintive and wears bronzer and goes to extremity. This was not a visceral experience, it just caused dissatisfaction. Auggie has been demoted. There is more constraining and coercing. Sana stands around. Henry has another lackey (Jonathan Togo of ‘CSI: Miami’). Turmoil ensues. This was unspeakably bad.

Best Lines:
“He’s better at this then you.”

“Explain that.”

“I have many vices.”

“It’s a threat.”

“It’s much too late for that.”

“Is that a threat?”

No. 13 Baby
Annie’s back in the USA. Auggie has no bemused embarrassment for his crap. Annie’s determined to settle a string of petty scores. Auggie is genuinely nasty. Henry has some JFK level conspiracy going on. No true words are spoken and Annie is just out to stir it. There are still no opening credits. Nobody is rational. Helen wants not to be dead. Joan condescends. Annie has aggressive body language. This ep was unmitigated boredom. What was this season’s purpose? People’s capacity for insight is very low. This show is full of rotten, violent and vengeful people going on about duplicity, morality and power. The overfed Arthur sulks. Auggie and Helen hook up. Joan is brutal.

Best Lines:
“Who’s in there?”
“Not you. And if she’s ever exhumed, we’ll both be in trouble.”

River Euphrates
Helen is dead so as to ensure there is no love triangle. The FBI agent resurfaces. There is no emotional involvement. Joan lies. The CIA counterfeits money apparently. Auggie is a cavalcade of awful. This flaccid ep was not satisfactory. Nobody has the moral right and this wasn’t emotionally demanding. It was disastrous in fact. Annie is menaced. Things get grotty, sordid and distasteful. Dim witted Annie and Joan meet. Auggie messes things up again. Devious games and manipulation happen, allegedly.

Best Lines:
“What does that even mean; nail him?”

“The full contours of the situation.”

“I’m trying to protect you from that answer.”

There Goes My Gun
Annie, Calder and Annie are in China for more repellent, manipulative games. They’re all terrible people. This was appalling. Auggie is stupid and obstreperous. Bianca the lawyer is suspected. This ep ends joy. Annie tries to be cold and menacing. I disliked this intensely. Hardfaced Annie has mockery and distain. This was ghastly, frightful, dull, soulless and inadequate. Bianca is foul. Arthur has self pity. This season was intolerable. Auggie is detestable and has no acceptable expectations. There is death and disreputable behaviour. Arthur fights a hitman whilst being orange. Joan shoots a man in slow motion.

Best Lines:
“They’ll never let her go.”

“Henry will be ready for war.”

“You need to listen to reason.”

Trompe Le Monde
Henry’s plotting makes no sense. What about Sana and her boyfriend? There is a gunfight. Auggie is putting it about as TPTB artificially accentuate his importance. Everyone loves Annie’s whiff-waff. This has no nuances and contours and reeks of effort. There is death. This was unfocused. Why was Oliver taken to America? Everyone is hostile. Auggie taints every scene. Joan has her baby. Annie wins - oh boo you whore.

Best Lines:
“Every word out of your mouth is a lie.”

“You’re a man without a country.”

“Don’t talk!”

“One of the biggest traitors in our Agency’s history.”

Henry and Stan are so lonely and ignored - they’re looking to each other for company. Philip looks angry and Elizabeth hangs out at a hotel. The defector is indeed a fake. Paige bores and then asks questions. Elizabeth and Philip tell Paige the truth. Clandestinely sneaking around is at an end. Paige is not assured. This is a pivotal moment that contains nothing. Even Elizabeth speaking Russian to Paige means nothing. Is Stan suspicious of Martha? What was Paige watching on TV? Stan was suspicious of Philip and Elizabeth in 1x01 but not anymore sadly.

Best Lines:
“This isn’t normal.”

“Are you guys drug dealers?”

“We work for our country.”

“We serve our country.”

“They should scare you.”
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