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Trailers, Quotes and a 2007 Tape Tale

‘Danny and the Human Zoo’ promo

‘Garage’ (2007) trailer

RIP Wes Craven.

I love the smell of Opium perfume.

Chocolate & Raspberry mousse - okay.
46% cacao milk chocolate - nice.
Mint choc - yum.

The 1986 films ‘Deadly Friend’, ‘Nomads’ and ‘Project A-Ko’ were okay.

‘Father Ted’ Quote:

‘Transylvania Twist’ Quote:
“Didn’t take that very well did he?”

Sky News’ Quotes:
“Behaving bizarrely next to a tree.”

“Try hard not to judge.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Once spent a night in a Memphis jail after starting a brawl in a restaurant and kicking the back window out of a police car.”

“The guy in the registry office took one look at us and suggested we come back another time,”

“Them representing part of the establishment that I was rejecting.”

“I just spend my alimony money.”

“Preoccupied with his new status as public enemy number one.”

“A flea cloud of students.”

“Struggled to hide his distain for the vacuous questions.”

“Angry wallpaper.”

“Shows no great potential for continued fame.”

“A second-best option.”

“Triumphalist advertising.”


“Debenhams’s cheap.”

“As compliments go, it is not unqualified.”

“I’ve had to prove myself to stay in the room.”

“Eye dandruff.”


“Ultimately regrettable.”


“A very uncomfortable talk.”

“He is a thoroughly decent fellow and you can trust him. If you are ever deceived in this later, it is like a hot dagger.”

“Even the silence seems menacing.”

“Feel thick for not getting it.”




“Fade factor.”

“Your own deliquescence.”


“The tyranny of the readily offended.”


“Social media-facilitated ability to disseminate insanity.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Go and hide in the woods.”

“Scream and yell at your wife.”

“Hide in the bushes.”

“Go sleep in a rest stop.”

“She is causing a disturbance.”

“Your parental conduct.”

“That’s what worries me.

“It’s been horrible.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Brad whines and hurls himself at Lauren. As for Lauren she won’t stop fawning over Brad. They prompt distain and contempt. Brad and his depravity bores. Daniel and Imogen make out. Amber sees Brad and Lauren flirting again. Terese is sick of Brad. Josh blames Terese for Brad’s adultery. Wonder how he’ll react when Brad chooses Lauren. Brad and Lauren are selfish and have destroyed two families. Horrible Paige caused all this. Brad and Lauren are vile.

Best Lines:
“Did you ever love dad?”

“Do you love Lauren now?”

“Stuff you.”

“You did it out of spite.”

“Enough stop!”

“Treat him better please.”

“He’s gonna go elsewhere.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Cameron is publicly vilified, disgraced and arrested. Ste stomps off. Tegan is vile. Ziggy leaves Leela for Tegan. Peri gives birth to a huge baby and wants nothing to do with Leela, Cameron or Tom. Ziggy needs to shut up. In fact he, Tegan, Ste and Tom all need to die. Sinead finds out Ste has another bit on the side besides her.

Cleared out a 2007 DVD-R. It had four season 1 ‘Heroes’ eps on it. First up was ‘Hiros’ in which Peter made gormless faces and Hiro babbles. This bored. Hiro’s dead galpal played Will’s OCD galpal on ‘Glee’. Then came ‘Homecoming’ in which the cheerleader was saved but the world wasn’t. Peter and his forgotten galpal bored. Claire’s crazy abusive creeper dad did crazy abusive creeper stuff. There was blood and death. This also bored.

Then came ‘Fallout’ in which Nikki is obviously crazy. Sylar (Zachary Quinto) shows up in the flesh. Eden dies. Claire loses her friend due to her crazy abusive creeper dad.

Best Line:
“Are you on crystal meth or something?”

Finally there was ‘The Fix’ in which Nikki and Sylar are locked up. Christopher Eccleston is wasted.
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