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The Walking Dead 5x14 + The A Team (1983 - 1987) 5x06 + Hannibal 3x12 Reviewed

Gabriel is aghast. Eugene wanders around in bad shorts and has drollery. The gang behave in a manner that is in no way acceptable. Carol is unhesitatingly awful. Rick and co assert moral superiority over Alexandria. People get into mortal peril. Carol is paranoid and this ep gave not one scintilla of enjoyment.

Best Lines:
“You think they can fall?”

“Not if I don’t go.”

“None of these are problems.”

“All of you, you should have listened.”

“I take no responsibility for this.”

“Why wouldn’t he be?”

“False light is here inside these walls.”

“They’re not good people.”

“There’s only one way it can go.”

The Say UNCLE Affair
This was infamously awful stringent ratings bait back in 1987. The A Team travel to Siberia and steal a stealth plane for no clear reason. Their blackmailing boss General Hunt Stockwell (Robert Vaughn and his scary 80s sunglasses) smugs and then his old Russian CIA buddy Ivan (David McCallum - all the way with Illya K) shows up. Ivan sounds British not English. Is Hunt a good guy or a bad guy? TPTB never got to reveal that as the show was cancelled. Oddly Vaughn has never popped up on ‘NCIS’. Hunt and Ivan’s reunion goes awry due to gun pulling, frisking and knock out gas.

Hunt is menaced by Ivan. The A Team and some annoying barrio kid Frankie hang out and need to save Hunt or their promised pardon goes away. Ivan menaces Hunt more - ‘The Man From UNCLE’ had a more positive portrayal of Soviets in 1964. Ivan and Hunt were partners and trusted friends at the CIA for 10 years but something went awry. Vaughn overacts. The A Team are sexist jerks. This ep was kinda crap and only McCallum bothers to act. Outdated computer tech is looked up, Mad Dog sings. Ivan looks like Ducky with his bow-tie and glasses. McCallum is very cute and in a noteworthy scene kicks Frankie’s ass.

Hunt doesn’t even know where the jet is. Something happened to Hunt and Ivan in Cuba and affected them greatly but we never find out what. Ivan has just gone to the bad. The A Team fakes an earthquake. Robert Vaughn is hard faced. Hunt and the A Team are the ones in the wrong here. There is gunfire and precipitous action. Hunt goes after the cold, precise presence Ivan. Is Ivan Trigorin dead? We never find out. There is no emotional investment in this ep and it was insulting and kind of meaningless.

Best Lines:
“What does it do?”
“It tells time.”

“Open Channel D.”

“The world has changed quite a bit.”

“Trouble is the best motivator I know.”

“A lighthouse operation.”

“Auto theft is not nice.”

“The superficial relationships.”

“Code Name: Brown Fox.”

“Read it and destroy it.”

“Secrets still exist. Some even from you.”

“Only one of us is coming back.”

“It belongs to the garbage man!”

“Madonna stood in there naked.”

“I’ll break you.”

“Such a deep state of delusion.”

“I would have killed you myself.”

“Hey fool. Shut up.”

“That day might come very soon.”

“I won’t sign the death certificate until after I sift through the wreckage.”

The Number Of The Beast Is 666
Human powder keg of anger Will broods and has anger problems and talks to Bedelia to resolve his unclarity. Jack never apologised to Will. Alana piles on the gothic make up. Chilton resurfaces. Hannibal keeps getting published. Freddie is convincingly awful. The Red Dragon is insulted. Francis bores and grabs Chilton and gives him a slide show. Hannibal is the proximate cause of everything. Chilton suffers more. Francis menaces his girlfriend. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Is Hannibal in love with me?”

“Lest we forget the lamb.”

“Bound in a pit.”

“It didn’t hold up to scrutiny.”
“Of course it didn’t! I was lying! On your behalf!”

“The freak value of your byline”

“Nobody will be afraid of you anymore.”

“Ugly and impotent.”

“Fear is not what you owe me.”

“There is much for you to dread.”

“He wanted the world to know his face.”
“And now he doesn’t have one.”
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