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Book Reviews: Sword & Blood + Ringstones

Sword & Blood: Book One of the Vampire Musketeers by Sarah Marques
This came out in 2012 and so far there has been no more. Which is a shame as this was a great vampire AU take on Dumas’ creations. Athos is bitten by the evil Milady. D’Artagnan is in peril. Porthos and Aramis lumber around and Constance is a pagan. This has vampires, blood, magic and sex. It is not a happy and peaceful tale but full of anger and game playing. This was enjoyable. The author also wrote the ‘Musketeer Mysteries’ under the pen-name Sarah D’Almeida.

Best Lines:
“Every bush seemed to him a menace.”

“Wield it in honor and do not stain it with surrender.”

Ringstones by Sarban
This slim novella is a wordy, dated tale of ‘mordent horror’. It is full of spelling mistakes, a moronic heroine, purple prose and exposition dumps. This was dull and incoherent.

Best Line:
“If there is a bog-hole anywhere within reach you never do miss it,”
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