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Trailer Fun Time Again

'Torchwood: Children of Earth' teaser
The newest 10 second teaser for this features creepy kids and Gwen. Where's John Barrowman?

'Dollhouse' trailers/opening credits
The trailers for this show intrigue. The missions seem interesting, Ballard looks like a tool and if all the clients can find the Dollhouse - why can't he? Who is Alpha? What is his connection to Echo? The opening credits are lovely, it's so rare nowadays to find a show that actually has opening credits. I'm looking forward to the DVD.

'Chuck' season 2 final scene
Oh come on, they ended it like that? Chuck gets upgraded and they kill Bryce! I only kept on watching this show for Matthew Bomer's guest spots as Bryce Larkin anyway. I remember watching the pilot for this show and going: where do I know that guy from? Is it 'Traveler'? So is this show cancelled or not?!?

'Soap' clip
Oh the 1970's were not kind to hair, clothes and interior design. But this comedy looks better than the endless pretentious meta of 'Friends'

'Burn Notice' clips/trailers
Okay I'm intrigued, it looks good and has Bruce Campbell in it. I'm looking for season 1 on DVD.

'Numb3rs' season 5 ep 'The Fifth Man'
So Charlie half-assed the math and as a result Don gets gutted like a fish by an unsub. So far so good. But the Charlie angst is all very well, but could people act more concerned please? Damn, This was still better than the vastly disappointing season 2 ep 'Hot Shot' where Don got attacked by a murderer and nobody cared. I've read some fanfics that were better than this though.
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