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The Last Ship 2x08 + Zoo 1x02 + The Americans 3x09 Reviewed

Safe Zone
Chandler and co have to convince the POTUS to abandon the immune’s cause. The XO does po-faced admonitions. The cure looks like dishwasher rinse aid. The POTUS is a vicarious liability and is so because he lost his family. What is the Underground? Why are they broadcasting against the USS Nathan James? Sean and his unpardonable offences goes on. With remorseless inevitability the truth comes out. This was okay and Chandler and co finally acknowledge the immunes aren’t some obscure cult that communicates in lost runic alphabets. The POTUS gets a recreated oval office.

Best Lines:
“Who you believe is one of them.”

“Relic from another time.”

“Somehow graduated from obligations.”

“We came home.”

“Convince me.”

“That rabid look in their eyes.”

“A deep logic to it.”

“The most unbearable thing of all.”

“He’s a solider. He wants someone to salute to.”

“The worst of intentions.”

Fight Or Flight
Cecil’s revenge goes on this okay ep. A clowder of cats plot. Cats run and jump and sit and the footage of them seems speeded up. Jackson in Botswana thinks and finally realises his friend Abraham isn‘t dead. The vet pathologist in LA smugs. The reporter Jamie is evicted. The shrike harridan Chloe returns to Paris. It is implied that a lion used a smartphone. An annoying couple adopt a child in Eastern Europe and go to a circus. Abraham is rescued. Jamie rants about the chemical 2-4D and goes on about a conspiracy and chemtrails. She also says that Reiden Global murdered her home town. Jackson’s mom is played by Bess Armstrong of ‘Lace’. Chloe is French Secret Service. Her sister stole her fiancée. The adopted kid obsesses over his toy tiger. Jackson ponders going to Japan. There is muttering about hyper gamma frequencies and killer dogs may have eaten someone. Chloe gets recruited.

Best Lines:
“Cat’s aren’t all that social.”

“Maybe even a little creepy.”

“Who are us.”

“This is not an overstatement.”

“Dry season wandering.”

“People want to see the lions!”

“He no bite.”

“I’d rather sleep in the street.”

“Unlodge his foot.”

“I was so hoping there would be.”

“Waited and watched.”

Do Metal Robots Dream Of Electric Sheep?
Elizabeth kicks Hans to the curb leading to something unexpected and things getting evermore determinedly violent. More anxiety inducing things happen. An old biddy babbles to Elizabeth before being killed circumspectly. This was dull and more is none much desired.

Best Lines:
“It never felt like that.”

“This is what you do?”

“If we get caught. Very.”

“The person they brought into investigate isn’t me.”
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