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Movie Reviews: Forget Me Not + The Man From U.N.C.L.E

Forget Me Not aka Haunted Souls (2009)
A group of no names star in this okay horror. A coma victim has her legs shaved for some reason. Elsewhere inexplicably awful teenage friends party. The boys all have ape drape hair and are difficult to tell apart. The girls are all slutty. They play in a graveyard at night that is extremely bright. Weirdness takes place. Only Sandy notices that her friends are dying and being forgotten. There are flashbacks, shoplifting and people go to investigate the scary noises. Nobody acts in an impartial, objective manner. A grotty pool is a red herring. Sandy’s hysteria doesn’t help her case. Nothing happens in a coherent and logical manner. Reality warps and things go badly for everyone. Flashbacks finally reveal how youth culture set all this in motion and there is a cold ending.

Best Lines:
“I’m dating her. Faithfully.”


“Does that wash off?”

“What are you, Irish?”

“This is our game!”

“Is nobody bothered by this?”

“You’re trash.”

“Nobody’s on drugs.”

“Who did this?”

“Sandy doesn’t have any friends.”

The Man From U.N.C.L.E (2015)
This was a boring borderline terrible movie based on the classic 1960s TV show. Loathsome CIA spy Napoleon Solo tangles with brooding KGB lug Illya Kuryakin. Then they team up to fight Nazis. This was too long, too full of itself, too self aware and you don’t care. The ‘stars’ lack the style and gravitas of their TV counterparts. Their characters and relationship bear no resemblance to their TV counterparts. Jared Harris and Hugh Grant pop up. The ignorant belligerent Solo is a Ken doll. Illya has regular psychotic epsiodes and this was unfailingly tedious and unpleasant.

Best Line:
“They had soft bones.”
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