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Book Reviews: The Outsiders + Whispers From The Abyss, part 1

The Outsiders edited by Joe Mynhardt
This anthology of stories about a gated community that worships Lovecraftian horrors is terrible and dull. Nothing about this was qualitative.

Best Lines:
“You have the psycho-mum who talks to the thing.”

“Probably wondering what kind of marine biologist would join a cult.”

“The Nameless One with the silly name is doing its thing.”

Whispers From The Abyss edited by Kat Rocha, part 1
Another anthology of Lovecraft inspired fiction.

A kidnapped scientist is set to work making monsters. Excellent.

Pushing Back
A short creepy tale of a police interrogation. Okay.

Nation Of Disease: The Rise and Fall of A Canadian Legend
A short creepy account of a doomed band and their disturbing music. Good.

When We Change
A brief and chilling sequel to ‘Shadow Over Innsmouth’. Excellent.

A tale of a parasite. Unadorned.

Secrets In Storage
A man buys the contents of a storage locker and uncovers spooky stuff. This was excellent.

The Well
A man’s down a well but so are other things. Okay.

The Neon Morgue
A shamelessly manipulative tale of an often awful future. This was not deeply unsettling or quietly devastating drama, just insubstantial.

Fear and Loathing In Innsmouth: Richard Nixon’s Revenge
Hunter S Thompson goes to Innsmouth to find dirt on Nixon. His ranting like a Dadaist improvisational noise experiment rarely registers in respectable media. This was good apart from the 60s ideological fixations.

Best Lines:
“Squalid, shifty bastard.”

“This is fish country.”

My Friend Fishfinger By Daisy, Age 7
A young girl writes about her ‘best friend’ unaware of the lies, evasions and layers of deceit around her. This was sweet, wistful and heartsick.

Chasing Sunset
A misbegotten son plots a cultural uprising against his father. Okay.

I Do The Work Of The Bone Queen
This unlovely mindless tale was not emotionally charged.

Suck It Up, Get It Done
A hilariously exasperated sewer worker finds what utterly vile things lurk in the pipes. Good.
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