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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘You, Me and the Apocalypse’ promo
Looks interesting.

‘Ballers’ promo

‘City Slickers’ (1991) trailer

‘Unstrung Heroes’ promo

‘The Exorcist III’ promo

‘The Bad Education movie’ TV spot
Befouling cinemas soon.

Best Line:
“Who’s up for strip club?”

Light Tahini - ugh.
Harissa chilli sauce - no.
Eucalyptus & Peppermint mints - nice.

I will review season 2 ‘Reign’.

Jasmine Grapefruit soap smells nice.

Covert Affairs’ cancelled!

Springhares are cure.

‘Trailer Park Fae’ Quote:
“Old age measured in geologic spans.”

‘The Man From Uncle’ Quote:
“You have something that belongs to me. A friend of mine.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Daddy is allowed to do whatever he wants. Take risks. Get hooked on drugs. Leave.”

“No, you can’t.”

“A guilt that’s self-generated and condoned.”

“A completely different standard of parenthood.”

“Mind-buckling notion.”


“Unimprovabale name.”

“Anomic, angular.”

“My woman would never dress like that.”

“Odious lady banter.”

“Curiously sexless.”

“Fights in loos.”

“Similarly cantankerous tones.”

“Distracting, dismissive and obstructive.”

“Cod-medieval jingo.”

“Rancid history.”

“The groom fell in love with a hooker and called the marriage off.”

“Being thrown out of clubs.”

“There’s an implicit coercion.”

“What is the attraction of taken men?”

“We want to take him to a titty bar.”

“You are a major loser.”

“Hen weekend - not naff.”

“Unpleasant and almost certainly inaccurate sexual advice.”

“Warm, encouraging, sarcasm - free applause.”


“Satirical aggression.”

“Corrosive and contaminating obscenity.”

“Feral hens don’t last long.”

“Garum was Roman ketchup made from rotted fish guts.”

“Dude food.”

“A long series of threats and vicious letters.”

“Needed enemies to demonise.”

“Braid bars.”

“A moronic woman screeching for attention.”

“A very cold way.”

“Spreads Chlamydia.”

“Myth of victimisation.”

“Connected to him only.”

“Virtual slags.”

“Beard fleas.”

“Grit and determination.”


‘Father Ted’ Quotes:
“Big cheating bastard.”

“More water.”

“What remains of your lives.”

“Lick some arse.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Even here I’m a pariah.”

“Your logic trail.”

“That is not healthy thinking.”

“Having conversation with your father who’s been dead since 07.”

“Your whore mother.”

“You can be helped.”

“Long deep psychotic depression.”

“Do you need help?”

“You then set the house on fire.”

“I wasn’t thinking anything.”

“Did you have an emotion at the time?”

“You had a knife with you?”

“Severe anxiety.”

“Breaks with reality.”

“He laughs inappropriately.”

“I didn’t talk to her that much.”

“What way did she fail you?”

“You stopped taking baths.”

“Did your mother notice?”

“Did you swing hard?”

“Why so many?”

“His low flat and distinctly monotone voice.”

“Putting voices in my head.”

“This circumstance.”

“It’s not probable but it’s possible.”

“Did some bath salts.”

“I put 20 grand in the mailbox.”

“There is a chip somewhere in my body.”

“Started kicking out the windshield.”

“Shoot his gun off.”

“Electronic harassment.”

“Shooting up the signs.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“When did everyone get so annoying? When did everyone get so full of themselves? When did everyone get so angry? When did everyone get so stupid?”

“Desperation or naivety.”

“Abandonment issues.”

“Deranged by egotism.”

“Categorically refuted.”


On ‘Hollyoaks’: Nobody cares about stupid Cleo. Pete tells Cleo that everyone will blame her if she tells and the worse thing is, he’s right. Everyone blamed Porsche when she told. Diane returns. Since when are Maxine and Darren friends with Ben? Nobody has moral scruples. Porsche is a pit of rage and hollers a lot. Harry lies. Darren thinks Sienna killed Carly. Hannah is christened. Lockie and Mercedes hump in the middle of Chester. Sinead remembers Katy. Where is John Paul? Porsche rages. Tony and Harry call the McQueens slags. Ste forgets the existence of Leah, Lucas and John Paul. Lockie claims to love Porsche. Scott lies. Reenie called two of children Cleopatra and Porsche? Ugly clothes are worn as are grotty hair extensions. Ste and Harry pine. Reenie and Pete give Cleo some of Reenie’s birth control pills in a truly grotesque moment. Porsche finally learns about Lockie and Mercedes.

Best Lines:
“You’ll lose us all.”

“Playboy jr.”

“My perfect little family.”

“Angry drunk, a total mess.”

“A dirty skank.”

“He’s only got two months to live cos of Dengue fever.”

“I’ll never be a sleaze.”

“You don’t even need a lock.”
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