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Once Upon A Time 4x02&4x03 + Covert Affairs 4x01&4x02 Reviewed

White Out
Anna knew David back in his bad wig days. Anna blathered. The intrinsic hyperbole about ‘Frozen’ bores. Bo Peep shows up. Anna is implausibly thick - did her mother drink whilst pregnant? Elsa causes issues. Will Henry piss off? Hook annoys. There is fake snow and Bo Peep is a cockney crime lord warlord. Elsa is bloody stupid in her cheap ass dress. Anna and Elsa are not nuanced or charismatic. They’re dull and judgmental. David’s fake dad died in a drink-carting accident. Bo Peep is now a butcher. This ep was a conspicuous failure. There are many ‘Frozen’ shoutouts and the ice cream lady is the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell of ‘Lost’ and ‘V’).

Best Lines:
“This is a bad time.”

“This is your curse.”

“So rule it.”

“I don’t give anything.”

“Iffy clams.”

“Stop saying letters.”

“You’re the bloody dark one.”

Rocky Road
Graham is mentioned. The Snow Queen and her nose job plots. Robin Hood, Maid Marian and their son wander around. There is talk about an urn. Rumpo and Belle lurk. Emma mentions her lie detecting power. Regina manipulates Henry. Where is Ruby? Why is this show so boring now? Marion collapses. Hook won’t wear a shirt. Anna’s idiot mancandy does stuff. Hans menaces Elsa and is mocked by his brothers. Who cares about Anna or Elsa? Will Scarlet shows up. This grates. The Snow Queen and her massive chest wanders plotting. This was all stolid moral laxity.

Best Lines:
“Where is she?”
“Lost at sea.”

“That’s a very dangerous insinuation.”

“They’re rock.”

“Hey Dairy Queen!”

“The Snow Queen. She was already here.”

“Your secret vault of terror.”

Annie and Auggie are together. Annie will have a violent confrontation in 10 weeks. There are no cute opening credits. Where have Ben and that reporter gone? Annie and Auggie look into Arthur’s secrets in Colombia and run into an obnoxious arrogant CIA station chief (Hill Harper). Joan’s pregnant, men with guns menace people and only Henry recalls his murdered son Jai. Everyone looks chunkier. There are reveals and Arthur resigns. This was okay and I haven’t a clue as to what is going on. Who is the woman (Michelle Ryan of ‘Eastenders’, ‘Jekyll’ and ‘The Bionic Woman’) Arthur was talking to?

Best Lines:
“What’s going on?”
“Nothing good.”

“Crazy and dead inside.”

Dig For Fire
Arthur confronts Annie. Joan finally wears sleeves. Annie follows Henry. The plot revolves around Teo, oil and a polygraph. Joan’s ex is evil. There is a great fight between him and Annie that ends unexpectedly. This was good. Does Annie recall Simon? Henry gives Annie a job.

Best Lines:
“Do you have wire cutters?”
“No. But I’ve got teeth.”

“Looks nasty and recent.”
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