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Book Review: The Seance

The Seance by John Harwood

This is a delicious gothic novel. In Victorian London, Constance has to deal with a distant father and a mentally ill mother. When her father finally abandons his family, Constance tries to help her mother by attending séances. But it ends badly. Now Constance is alone, her only legacy is a bequest from a distant relative.

Constance is the heir to a decaying mansion, which has a dark history. Mysterious deaths, disappearances and a old scandal took place in the mansion. People fear and avoid the place because of its chequered history and rumours of ghosts. Constance is curious about the place and her investigation uncovers a twisted tale.

This was an excellent novel: dark, scary and engrossing.

"Sell the hall unseen; burn it to the ground and plough the earth with salt, if you will. But never live there."
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