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Movie Reviews: Marie Antoinette + 2 others

Rewatch: Marie Antoinette (2006)
Sofia Coppola’s troubled overlong film about the infamous queen of France is enjoyable. Kirsten Dunst is the disgruntled queen. Jason Schwartzman is the dim-witted un-sophisticated Louis XVI who can’t cope with the unsolvable problems of his feudal county. Judy Davis, Rose Byrne, Shirley Henderson and Asia Argento are various court ladies full of earnestness. Rip Torn is the wry lothario Louis XV. Danny Huston has a cameo as the queen’s jovial Emperor brother. Steve Coogan is the dim-witted Austrian ambassador. This was based on the biography by Antonia Fraser.

This looks good and was filmed at Versailles. It is full of pretty dresses, shoes, food and big hair. Marie Antoinette is unhappy in her marriage and lusts over a count (Jamie Dornan) and is berated by her mother (Marianne Faithfull). Marie Antoinette has no concept of the social segmentation in her adopted country until the mob comes for her. Louis XIV funds the American Revolution which brings even more poverty to this realm. Tom Hardy pops up as a court lackey. Finally the mob storm Versailles and the Bourbon dynasty are swept away.

Best Lines:
“All eyes will be on you.”

“You can have as many French dogs as you like.”

“It is a custom that the bride retain nothing belonging to a foreign court.”

“I have not looked at the Archduchess’ bosom, Your Majesty.”
“Oh, didn’t you? It’s the first thing I look at.”

“Willing and sweet.”

“We are too young to reign.”

Conspiracy Theory (1997)
A crank (Mel Gibson) is right for once. This was not comfy or rambunctious or a charm offensive. Nor is there any goodwill or vitality.

Young Frankenstein (1974)
All unknowing chaos.
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