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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Supergirl’ promo
National City, a mystery flying woman and this looks okay.

Best Lines:
“I’m her!”

“The worst criminals in the galaxy.”

‘Barbie’ Jewel Secrets (1986) commercial
Her necklace changed and her ball gown is a purse. She goes discoing and Jewel Secrets Ken looks like a pimp. I think I wanted one of these but I don’t know why - it’s a fugly gimmick Barbie.

Day To Night ’Barbie’ (1984) commercial
The hat! The purse! The bow! The pink suit! The huge hair! The turn around skirt! It’s Ivana Trump! It’s hideous!

‘Dino Bite’ commercial
Interesting toy ad.

‘Flags Of Our Fathers’ (2006) promo

I won’t review ‘Alice’ after all. I will review ‘Ringstones’, ‘Whispers From The Abyss’ and ‘The Devil’s Looking Glass’.

I may review ‘Snitch’.

A new ‘Friday the 13th’ tv show?

I wanted the 1982 ‘Barbie’ toy cat Fluff. It was divine.

‘Murphy Brown’ was funny in the 1990s but no wonder it isn’t repeated.

I won’t review ‘Odyssey’ 1x12 ‘Bug Out’ and 1x13 ‘Real World’.

‘Glee’ Quote:
“Before you blow it all on booze and flannel shirts.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Job or him?”

“Nobody cared.”

“That was not taboo.”

“Violated the cannon of ethics.”

“It’s horrible.”

“You would consider him unharmed?”

“Texting me horrible things.”

“Have fun rotting in prison.”

“He is an annoyance.”

“Succumb to that attention.”

“Stupid is not a big enough word.”

“Emotional damage.”

“I don’t believe in them.”

“I don’t care what anybody thinks.”

“Alleged threatening text message.”

“They never told me nothing.”

“Why is he gone?”

"You have done nothing to help us."

“Places he could put her.”

‘Twenty Years After’ Quotes:
“Die impenitent.”

“Unutterable distrust.”

‘The Real A&E’ Quotes:
“Has 8 children under 5.”

“Quite lucky not to burn his genitals.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Paige works out as the camera focuses on her cleavage and trashy tattoos. Lauren hurls herself at Brad as he mutters pathetically about his commitment to Terese. Brad is a goob and Paige should piss off and grind the nearest lamppost. Where is Mason since his father died and his mother turned into a whore?

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Kim is still in the opening credits. Robbie boffed Holly on his and Jason’s bunkbed. What about Nancy? Or Phoebe? Leela sticks her nose in. Ben arrests Robbie. Peri is sick of Tom and his drama. The off screen custody hearing gives Trevor and Grace their son. Frankie throws fits. Trevor smiles. Jason rages. Ben tells Robbie to inform on Trevor and lets him go. Ste and Sinead carry their stroller unsafely up a flight of steps. Sinead wears tiny shorts. Ziggy says Jason should just get over the nasty violent little thug Robbie trying to kill him.

Frankie howls as Curtis goes to his real parents. Which is more concern then she ever showed for Esther. Ben is going all Ray Liotta in ‘Unlawful Entry’ on Trevor. Leela yells. Rabid cop Ben stalks Trevor. Tom mentions Max. Frankie plots. Trevor and Grace coo over their ginger baby. How does Grace care for Curtis with her enormous fake nails? Raging Jason hates Robbie. Sinead fears Scott and Ste will shag. Dylan is ignored. Robbie’s nearly killed two of his brothers but gets away with it and has no remorse. Nobody notices the hospital has a serial killer. Trevor’s in trouble and Dylan is busted.

Best Lines:
“She was off her tablets!”

“He’s ruined us!”

“Do you know what happens to people who mess with Trevor Royale?”

“His name is Stefan!”

“Watch your life circle the drain.”

“I’ll get you Trevor.”

“Smashed off his head on DRUGS!”

“Time’s up Robbie.”

“A drug fuelled frenzy.”

“I ain’t doing it.”

“I’m dead. End off. Prison will do just fine thanks.”

“The name of my first pet terrapin.”

“You want paying? Get mopping.”

“My Ste is NOT gay.”

“His loser father.”

“Those legal highs? They’re illegal.”
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