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Book Reviews: The Good Girls + Doomflight + The Three Musketeers

The Good Girls by Sara Shepard
The 2nd and final novel in ‘The Perfectionists’ saga by the author of the utterly bizarre and truly emetic ‘Pretty Little Liars’. For a group of girls, high school is a hellish spectacle so one day in the film class they name all the people they hate. Pretty soon with indifferent justice all those vile people and their preciousness get theirs. The girls are reticent about the well-intentioned perpetrator. This is a good, gothic, grim, unrelenting tale of a completely deranged killer, emotive words and reputation damage.

Best Lines:
“You dress like a whore.”

“A couple of hippieish girls sat in front of it all day long, playing songs on their guitars and tambourines about flowers and meadows and Heaven - and the Beacon, staff who were usually so anal about attendance, let them.”

“Tulips look cheap.”

“We’re the first people whose people we want dead actually end up dead!”

“The cops were checking Instagram now?”

Doomflight by Guy N. Smith
This horror tale about a cursed airport is decent. It’s not truth seeking, profound, quiet or subtle. But what do you except from the author of ‘Mania’, ‘Night of the Crabs’ and ‘Cannibals’.

The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas
This classic is dull as d’Artagnana enters the closed world of the musketeers and distinguishes himself. The villain Milady is maliciously bent to serve up indignation and is brought to obedience for her maniacal enterprises. The heroes are sensation-loving, spectacular jerks and there is much period fetishation and veneration of male bonding. This is still simplicity though.
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