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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Deadpool’ trailer
A man (Ryan Reynolds) becomes a ‘superhero’ assassin. Colossus shows up and there is violence and I’m in.

Best Lines:
“All things that I can live without.”

“Posh Spice.”

“Less angry Rosie O’Donnell.”

“Daddy needs to express some rage.”

“Like a testicle with teeth.”

“I’m touching myself.”

Camile fried potatoes - yum.
Jasmine rice - nice.
Chu Chee - good.
Passion Fruit and Mango dairy free dessert goodness - okay.
Crème Brule choc - nice.
Passion Fruit Possett choc - no.
Brown and white rice - okay.
Green Curry - nice.
Twice cooked chips - yum.
Red Pepper soup - yum.

Boo to ‘The X Files’ reboot.

Terra nullius - an empty land.

I am reading ‘The Water Knife’.

I will review ‘The Good Girls’ and ‘Twenty Years After’.

I won’t read ‘Dark of the Moon’, ‘Extinction Point’, ‘The Bloodbound’ or ‘Legacy’.

How are they planning to do a ‘Prison Break’ event series?!?

There may be a plumbing issue.

‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ villain could be interesting.

I read an excerpt from the book by the ‘Amish Mafia’ guy - mmm.

‘Suburgatroy’ Quote:
“You latest bout of pinworm.”

‘Fired By Mum And Dad’ Quotes:
“Any screaming or swearing.”

“This is absolutely horrific.”

“I have to swear.”

‘The Water Knife’ Quotes:
“Something that’s ours by right.”

“The latest in collapse pornography.”

“She’d have pegged him as a lunatic, except for the wreckage and flames behind him.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Learn some class.”

“Their love is ugly.”

“Put her drama out there on social media.”

“Tried to ruin me.”

“Speak bad.”

“A known liar.”

“You’re so basic in bed.”

“Start making some right decisions.”

Sleepy Hollow’ Quotes:
“I told you this wasn’t going to end well.”

“His pride came at a great cost.”

“You survived the Death Hex.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Spiral of misinformation.”


“The defamation of a community.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“No film in history has ever contained so much excrement.”

“The worst thing an entertainment giant can imagine is content theft.”

“We have, en masse, capitulated to idiocy.”

“We live in the society of the spectacle.”

“Debased populace.”

“Half-witted critics.”

“Cast aspersions on accessibility.”

“Sublime manifestations and achievements.”

“The supine media.”

“Have abandoned substance and discrimination and with treacherous enthusiasm adopted the idea of image as truth.”

“An obscurantist game for self-regarding academics and intellectuals who have turned their backs on society.”

“There are no small evils.”

“The oleaginous.”

“A psychopathic void.”

“The universalisation of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Brad is always running across the street to Lauren. Amber is sick of it and lets Brad know she is sick of him making himself at home. Brad claims to take his vows seriously. Lauren justifies herself. Paige can do no wrong in Brad’s eyes as he ignores Imogen and Josh. Lauren is gross and does not miss her dead husband. Brad and Lauren have no moral basis just indiscipline, lack of duty and responsibility. I’m sick of their myth, lies and deception.

Best Line:
“We had a moment.”

On ’Hollyoaks’: Grace cries over her stolen son. Trevor plans to murder Kim. Jason and Holly bore. Theresa has no concept of parlay. Frankie flaunts Curtis in Grace’s face. Esther is still in a coma. Kim runs. Robbie is still Trevor’s lackey. Dylan lurks like wallpaper and calls Robbie a moron. Kim is a tactile twisted nut job. Darren and Theresa are awful. Trevor’s tattoo moves again. Where are Lindsey and hyopnotoad? Are there no wrapround services? Theresa demands money from Patrick whilst wearing tiny shorts and ranting about how he has been stealing from the special ed fund. Grace gets to hold Curtis. Trevor plots. Robbie bothers Holly. Dylan decides to be a drug dealer. The fallacious annoying Kim won’t die. Robbie kinda sorta kills Jason. Tom does drugs. Holly is sick of Cindy. Ste, Scott and Sinead all resurface. Ste seems to have forgotten he has HIV and is married to John-Paul.

Best Lines:
“That maniac.”

“Stupid charade.”

“That ape of an ex.”

“That mouth of yours is going to get in trouble mate.”

“Playing with the big boys now.”

“A bit of a Neanderthal.”

“Mum, put some clothes on.”

“What are you going to do? Write me a ballad?”

“I am done with you!”

“A date with some ducks at the park.”

“I need you to stay calm.”

“Obsessed lesbian.”
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