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Book Reviews: Dance Of Fire + Passage + Doomsday Book

Dance Of Fire by Yelena Black
This sequel to ‘Dance Of Shadows’ sucks. It is seriously terrible. This is so badly written and ridiculously plotted, I wonder if it is meant as a parody. Vanessa goes to London to dance in a contest as part of a plan to stop the necro-dancers from implementing their plan to summon demons. Also Vanessa’s proprietarily minded evil ex Zeppelin shows up to tout how he isn’t an evil murderer, honest. This is practically unreadable.

Best Lines:
“The Lyric Elite came into being to stop them from plying their evil craft.”

“Would a fancy dance step really save Vanessa once the demon caught up with her?”

“Dark dancers like him have infiltrated all the great troupes of Europe.”

“It’s like that movie The Hunger Games.”

“It’s a demon, not your granny, and it could potentially eat your soul anyway.”

Passage by Connie Willis
This book is about life, death and all that lies in-between. Dr Joanne Lander studies Near Death Experiences. She meets Dr Richard Wright who has developed a way to manufacture NDE’s by way of psychoactive drugs. Determined to know the truth of what NDE’s are, Joanne makes herself a test subject. What she sees is something hauntingly familiar that fills her with dread. What is it that is so terrifyingly familiar and seemingly all too real and inescapable? The plot twists and turns heading to a shattering climax. This is an engrossing, gripping, chilling, unpardonable, excellent tale.

Doomsday Book by Connie Willis
In the 2060s Kivrin is a historian who wants to go to the Middle Ages. And so she shall. Everything is planned and carefully arranged for her to spend two weeks in the past in 1320. But it all goes wrong. She is stranded in the past and it isn’t 1320 but 1348 and the Black Death has come. This is a wonderful, dark, intense, harrowing, compulsively readable tale. It has three sequels.
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