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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Once Upon A Time’ season 4 promo
Good vs. evil is joined by Elsa and Anna. Hook still isn’t dead.

Best Line:
“She needs to be removed.”

‘A Royal Affair’ (2012) trailer
An English princess is married to an insane Swedish king and an advisor (Mads Mikkelsen) has an influence on the king and boffs the queen. A mob with torches forms and there is punching and laughing. This true story looks okay.

Best Lines:
“You’ll be perceived as a great success.”

“I like hookers with big beasts.”

“I want a fun queen.”

“I can do exactly as I wish.”

“The king of Prussia slept with my mother!”

‘Dorian Gray’ trailer
Good film, naff trailer and Colin Firth has a hipster beard.

‘Mesrine’ trailer

P - please come home, we’ve not given up hope and we’re waiting.

I’ve changed my diet and feel better.

Chilli soup - good.

I’m not reviewing ‘Odyssey’ 1x11 ‘Gingerbread’.

I’ll give season 4 of ‘Once Upon A Time’ a try.

A new Connie Willis book in 2016?!?

I can recall seeing Kenneth Branagh as Hamlet.

No ‘Doctor Who’ next year?

‘Shadowhunters’ looks good.

No Headless Horseman in season 3 of ‘Sleepy Hollow’?

I NEED to see the director’s cut of ‘A Perfect Getaway’.

‘Guilty As Sin’ (1993) was an okay movie.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Against your parents will.”

“Inviting judgement.”

“Get a vain heart.”

“That’s pimping ain’t it?”

“I won the buggy show.”

“Doctor bills.”

“Do you think he’s rigging buggy races?”

“They want me to look incoherent.”

“A very different view of their daughter.”

“Behaves crazy.”

“Everyone is wrong.”

“Making erroneous statements.”

“Completely negative about me.”

“Avoid conflict.”

“Something negative to say.”

“Gossiping behind my back.”

“Maniac moody and irresponsible.”

“Energy is hatred and fear.”

“Is that responsible parenting?”

“Sounding very abnormal.”

“What is the perceptive that is being left out?”

“Can’t work on what is not on the list.”

“A different perspective.”

“You found me in cars.”

“The director is incorrect.”

“The drug mafia.”

“Lost hope in my mother.”

“Wasn’t really trying to get better.”

“Drive when she was high.”

“Incapable of being a parent.”

“Everybody is here on your behalf.”

“Overbearing of incorrect facts.”

“Did I miss the question?”

“In relevance to the same things.”

“You got so drunk; you fell in the fire pit.”

“Like a creepy guy.”

“Doesn’t hang out with normal people.”

“Throwing things around the house at 3am.”

“Please listen.”

“You’re talking to the floor.”

“Social services are out to get her.”

“You’re making no effort!”

“Suddenly I’m crazy.”

“Why are you doing meth?”

“My brain works differently, I’m left handed.”

“A lot of these things are intentional.”

“It’s just illegal.”

“They are teaching my daughter to lie.”

“Why the lying?”

“I’m not articulating well.”

“You wouldn’t score very well.”

“Not making your best case.”

“You will probably overdose and die.”

“Define threaten.”

“Loud-mouth abusive bully.”

“Answer it again.”

“Present some management-challenges.”

“That’s exactly true.”

“You can’t be infuriated.”

“It was no accident at all.”

“What happened this time?”

“Still doesn’t take accountability.”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Extracted from their familial context.”

“Convey a narrative about her concerns.”

“Moralising rebuke.”

“A tone of deep resentment.”

“A look of incredulity that suggests I’m delusional.”

“No educated person from the Christie era would have had such bad grammar.”

“An unedifying whiff.”

“Taken to hiding in bushes in camouflage.”

“Took pot shots at an owl.”

“Deliberately vintage.”

“Aimless, jarring scenes.”


‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“Harassment from other drives in the form, of light-flashing, horn-blowing, tailgating and hand gestures.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“A so-called island.”

‘A Perfect Getaway’ Quotes:
“How’s about puttin’ the head that-a-way so the blood runs downhill.”

“Cinch off the oesophagus this time so you don’t foul the meat.”

“Get the bag, the gut bag, out.”

“Show it no fear.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Terese is onto Paige’s crap. Bilge spewer Brad won’t stop his pathetic, sad, irksome emotional affair with Lauren. Amber is onto her man stealing mother. In a non-pivotal dramatic moment Imogen may finally get Daniel.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Trevor is arrested for murdering Carly. Ben and Trevor have a fight sadly no clothes are ripped off and nobody ends up in the pond. Darren kicks Patrick. Maxine wears a necklace that looks like chunky vomit and a kinderwhore romper suit. Nico and Sienna have perfect GHD hair. Pete is vile. Nico dreams. Trevor gets out of jail and is self-satisfied. Kim and her outré logic bores. Darren waxes hubristically. TPTB do no cultivation of talent or personality. Where are Sinead and Ste?!?

The plots fall down logic sinkholes. Grace and Trevor’s son is called Curtis. Ben glowers and is insanely accusing. Maxine dances attendance on the intolerable Patrick because she has compassion. Trevor’s tattoos seem to change position. Frankie steals Curtis with the help of Kim. Patrick cries, Theresa whines and Maxine is given a necklace and a kiss by Patrick. She should recall how he tried to make her miscarry Minnie by throwing her down a flight of stairs.

Best Lines:
“It’s a drug. That I won’t be taking.”

“That sounds like a threat.”

“Very naughty daddy.”
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