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The Last Ship 2x05 + Humans 1x08 + The Americans 3x05 + Small Sacrifices Reviewed

This ep was not wholly credible and had silly dialogue delivered with some horrible, terrible accents. This ep is untouched by joy and is a fumbled thundering bore. What are Spearfish? There are exposition dropping baddies on a submarine and they are riddled with unspecified emotional issues. There is no consistent story. The baddie promotes disappointment and hated and they succeed despite having the IQs of Bognor Beachfront chavs. The XO is pompous and astoundingly imperious.

Chandler hunts the sub. The stark assessment is that this season has already run out of ideas and that the characters are full of moaning self-absorption. Chandler is all constancy, devotion, sacrifice and un-amusement. Whilst the baddies are all impropriety and aren’t truly intimidating foes. The XO is archly snotty, nebulous and self regarding.

The dog shows up. The baddies are fraught, acrimonious and depressing in this self-delusion and pulchritudinous. They’re bluffing egoists who are vastly inferior in their blank grime to the increasingly indignant doleful Chandler. There is alarmingly abnormal behaviour and vociferous outbursts with impunity. Ballistic missiles are fired in a display of wilfully abhorrent behaviour. This was terrible though I supposed it could have been worse, you could have been watching ‘Dutch’.

Best Lines:
“Lucky old git.”

“Lovely little germ.”

“Cos I said so.”

“Are we hunting or evading it?”

“Is he milking this.”

“A Brit and a maniac.”

“Getting some kick from her prop off the sea bottom.”

“He’s a believer.”

“We don’t even know if he’s loyal.”

“All personnel, Quiet Two.”

“Fret not.”

“We have already taken Europe! All of it!”

“All hands, crash dive.”

“Dive, dive, dive.”

“Nerve men, show some nerve.”

“Never forget, we’re the selected.”

“Into that?”

“Europe was decimated.”

Humans 1x08
How was this renewed? It’s over-rated and clichéd, I can’t stand the un-endearing Leo and his defiant strut and unsubtle acting. This show was tired and unreal with no poignant naturalism. It ailed and Leo is thick, hopelessly silly and desperate. This was unsuccessful.

Fear, anxiety and the anti-synth movement grows. Leo is a cyborg. The spinelessly fey Laura and Matilda do more unflattering long-suffering obstinacy. This show isn’t functional or present. Hobb wants rectification and to regulate synth conduct. More misery and convolution follows in this unsavoury and ineffective ep. Pete the cop barges in and changes his lifestyle.

Laura and co become the staff to synths. Not a good plan. I’m sick of Leo the Borg and his destructive personality. How did this show go so terribly wrong after a great first ep? Laura insinuates, there is a march we don’t see, Beatrice annoys, a flash drive is lost and this leaves you emotionless.

Best Lines:
“That sounded beneath you.”

“There is another.”

“Wanting a freedom that humans will never give.”

“He didn’t want me.”

Salang Pass
An accumulation of issues affect Elizabeth and Philip. They pretend to be avuncular but aren’t. Stan and Oleg plot, Stan ascribes motives to the defector. There is foreshadowing. Philip listens to the BBC news. Martha wants to foster. Philip has a burgeoning inappropriate relationship with a teenage girl. Elizabeth and Philip are distanced and impervious to shame. Remember when Philip attacked a perv with a BBQ fork? The teenage girl is unhappy and Philip has to run from the parents. Philip recalls being trained to use sex. It’s dark and sick, no wonder he has issues. This was mediocre and depressing.

Best Lines:
“Do you have to make it real with me?”
“Sometimes but not now.”

“Are you stoned?”

“Us now. You next.”

“It’s weird.”

“I don’t miss him. His presence.”

“Do you think about when we learned to do this?”

“I think there’s something to get.”

“Might be confusing. Even for you.”

“You definitely need a better life.”

Small Sacrifices (1989)
Farrah Fawcett, Gordon Clapp, Ryan O’Neal, Garwin Sanford and John Shea star in this miniseries version of Ann Rule’s true crime book about Diane Downs. This was good, dark and depressing.
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