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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Aquarius’ promo
Makes ‘Dark Skies’ look subtle.

Best Line:
“I’m Charlie Manson.”

‘Life in Squares’ promo

‘Trainwreck’ TV spot

‘Absolutely Anything’ TV spot
Terminally unfunny.

‘The Scandalous Lady W’ promo
This BBC2 drama looks interesting.

‘Sinister II’ TV spot

‘Paper Towns’ TV spot

Rewatched some season 8 ‘Charmed’ and remember when Billie would don dominatrix gear to kill demons and do unnecessary flips? How did she see when inside in a dark room whilst wearing sunglasses?

Best Lines:
“A nice flip.”

“Easy sis, don’t creep me out.”

“Who pays for that?”

“Glen was at your urn.”

RIP Ann Rule and Roddy Piper.

I won’t review ‘The Walking Dead’ 5x11 ‘The Distance’.

Did anyone ever see ‘It’s A Royal Knockout’?

Remember when Frank Bough was publicly shamed, twice, for his proclivities?

‘Friends’ Quote:
“Chased around a tire yard by an escaped mental patient.”

‘Dance Of Fire’ Quote:
“How crazy she’d been about him, while all along he was working with Josef to raise a demon. What a creep.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“You don't get sick so much as your liver dissolves and dribbles out of your body.”

“A patina of entitlement.”

“Giving disingenuous expectations.”

“There is no absolute proof.”

“Rabidly defending.”

“Sheen of inevitability.”

‘Father Ted’ Quotes:

“The thick looking one.”

“Jumpers and cakes.”

“I’m hugely confused Ted.”

“I smell wee.”

“This one smells of wee.”

“Interminably waiting.”

“I can have you killed.”

“I have no willy.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Wow! I’m so showbiz, I’m pissing sequins.”

“Maybe wear something else. We could see your bra.”

“A cliché already performed for you.”

“Inundated by failures.”

“Charles has a valet who irons his shoelaces.”

“Notoriously mentally unstable.”

“The rural exodus.”

“Before being evicted by a footman.”

“Born stately.”

“Undiluted pleasure.”

“Majestic understatement.”

“Conspicuously invisible.”

“45in waistband.”

“The line of succession was hastily reordered.”

“Represents assuredness.”

“Very polite kind of implacability.”

“The more rarefied air of the upperhouse.”

“Best known for having the door of the Commons theatrically slammed in his face.”

“Swan upping.”

“Sauces that go on the plate first.”

“To encourage enjoyment and not greed.”

“Extended apoplectic Anglo-Saxon rants.”

“Duck tit.”

“Musical cloche-work.”

“Peppa Pig’s Spanish uncle’s armpit.”

“Combinations that defy hunger.”

“A little poison pill of repulsion.”

“As if a moisturising leper had done jazz hands over the bowl.”

“Insistently travel.”

“Garish hand-painted Versace leather shirts and grotesque trousers.”

“From the Mao people.”

“Puffing around the same art deco hotel.”

“Mercilessly mocking housemaids and common women.”

“Delivers them like a man spitting his own teeth.”

“Self-conscious modernity.”

“Chased them through Kent’s motor-way service stations.”

“Littered with heaps of rubbish and abandoned shopping trolleys.”

“When the royal palace in Madrid caught fire in 1734, guards locked the doors to prevent looting, and the painting had to be thrown out of the window by monks.”

“Dead by the age of 25 or 26, after 19 pregnancies.”

“Foreign sailors in various stages of intoxication.”

“Hug drugs.”

“So protracted a gloat.”

“A deeper and ore discouraging silence.”

“A burning sense of disappointment and rage.”

“Walls painted the colour of snot.”

“A morose singer in a grotty bar.”

“At a disciplinary meeting he hit the prison governor with a chair.”

“Any venue that did not fall into line was wrecked.”

“Incapable of backing down.”

“His election agent was later convicted of murdering his own parents.”


“Shameful betrayal.”


“Some kind of heinous thought.”

“I am unappreciative or ungrateful.”

“Commodifying personhood.”

“Entitled or haughty.”

“Damning and disturbing.”

“The same diabolical position.”

“Lack of resolve.”

“Open to misinterpretation.”

“Field preparation.”

“Tourists who turn up with prostitutes and cases of beer and prove incapable of shooting straight.”

“Deeply unfashionable assertions.”

‘The Three Musketeers’ (2011) Quotes:
“The King’s favour.”

“Build me one!”

“Love the outfit. Very retro.”

“We’ve met yes.”

“Whose advantage? Yours?”

“I take them off your corpse.”

“Come and take them.”

“Don’t interrupt.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Celine is perved over by Pete . Nico kills Ben’s daughter Carly. Sienna and Dr S’avage cover it up. Lisa is obviously fake and stirs trouble. Ben is upset.

Best Lines:
“Show some kindness.”

“What have we done?”
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