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Movie Reviews: Rogue Nation + Raiders Of The Lost Ark + The Fountain

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015)
In this not remotely credible film Ethan Hunt is in peril again as the Syndicate deflect, misdirect and fabricate. Amid rancorous action Brandt’s bad skin is on display, Benji desperately tries to be a hard man and Tom Cruise shows how desperate he is not to be perceived as a pensioner. The camera pervs all over the ridiculously named Ilsa Faust (her from ‘The White Queen’). Is Ethan still married? Why does Jeremy Renner not get one stunt? The big set pieces are conducted with undramatic dullness and fail to thrill, the comedy doesn’t work and the ill-judged baddies are non-entities. Why will there be a 6th film? Why does Ethan Hunt have no personality after five movies? The plot is full of holes and Alec Baldwin is chubby.

Best Line:
“Prepare him.”

Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)
This has Indy, nasty Nazis, the Ark of the Covenant and comically large ham acting. It also is sexist to its detriment and this film is insufficient and dull which is not an unreasonable feeling to have.

Best Lines:
“The desert is three weeks in every direction.”

“That time is past.”

“Wiped clean by the wrath of god.”

The Fountain (2006)
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