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Primeval Season 3 Ep 6 Review

What have TPTB done to this show? Season 3 has been of ongoing low quality and since Cutter was killed off each ep has got even worse. The ARC still has terrible security. There is attempted 'comedy' with making Connor and Lester flatmates. Abby's tool of a brother who has the IQ of a root vegetable puts Rex in peril. So much for the promise that season 3 would answer questions about the creation of the anomalies, the future monsters, the Claudia/Jenny situation, Helen's motives, the changed timeline and the clones.

The artefact is revealed as a map/predictor of anomalies. The meanie Christine takes over the ARC to get the artefact. Danny and co flee to a safe house and are menaced by ostriches. TPTB really pile on the heroic action man plot for Danny, but I miss Cutter. For some insane reason, the team dress up in 1940's clothes which are very clean. Connor acts like a moron. Becker saves the day.

This was truly mediocre, apart from Becker as eye candy - this show no longer has any merit whatsoever.
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