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Trailers, Quotes and 2005 Tape Tales

‘Man From Uncle’ TV spot

‘Zoo’ promo
Something strange is going on. Maybe.

Best Lines:
“The awakening.”

“No longer afraid of us.”

‘Gotham’ season 2 promo
Gordon takes on renegade shampoo models and the villains rise. Mmm.

‘The X Files’ promo
How are the Lone Gunmen back? Mulder looks old.

‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2’ trailer
Wasn’t that dam blown up? The war concludes, action, Gale, Peeta, monsters and hints of Prim’s fate.

Best Lines:
Standing together with 13 Districts.”

“Make sport of our deaths.”

‘Flockstars’ promo

Best Line:
“Release the sheep!”

‘The Descendants’ promo
Failed Oscar bait.

‘Battlestar Galactica’ 2x02 promo
Looks dramatic but isn’t.

‘Pixels’ TV spot

Hazelnut torte choc - yum.
Raspberry macaroon - dry.
Key Limey Pie choc - not so good.
Raspberry Infusion choc - okay.

‘Quirke’ starring the miserable git Gabriel Byrne as a miserable git is miserable.

I am reading ‘Dream Stalkers’.

I won’t review ‘The Walking Dead’ 5x10 ‘Them’.

‘90210’ Quote:
“Everybody fights with my sister.”

‘True Blood’ Quotes:
“Needs a little quiet time.”

“That don’t feel so good.”

“This dungeon of hell.”

“Making fun of my childhood.”

“The real bad kind.”

To The Manor Born’ Quotes:
“If you’re ever passing this way again, keep passing.”

“Robert Maxwell was from Czechoslovakia!”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Out of my life.”

“Let it go.”

“You started it.”

“I can’t handle this.”

“I don’t know. I don’t care.”


“All his IP addresses are blocked.”

“It’s all bad.”

“They’re laughing. I can hear them.”

“This is a stock letter.”

“Terribly inappropriate.”

“Can I go?”

“I don’t want to know about it!”

“I don’t want to hear about it!”

“Okay, whatever.”

“Something’s not right here.”

“People know the truth when they hear it.”

“Horrible things that were said.”

“I don’t want to be in anybody’s life.”

“No context for these people.”

“Big red flags.”

“Leaving here with some truth.”

“Overwhelmed and underappreciated.”

“Handle some tasks.”

Cleared out two 2005 tapes. The first began with a ‘Veronica Mars’ season 1 ep ‘Weapons Of Class Destruction’; Veronica sticks her nose into things. Keith dates Wallace’s mom. Keith never admitted he got the Kane murder case wrong. Logan whines, Duncan has mad innocence and Veronica flippantly causes more trouble. Veronica ruined Duncan and Logan’s friendship. She’s a trenchant bitch and this had the ATF, a kiss, Duncan running away and a frame job. This was crap and Veronica is wilful, capricious and haughty.

Best Lines:
“You’re truly sick.”

“A sadistic crone.”

“He was paid to confess!”

Then came another ‘Veronica Mars’ ep ‘M.A.D’ in which Dick, Beaver and Logan mock Veronica who has ingrained hostility for everyone. A girl is blackmailed by her ex over a sex tape. Veronica and Logan make out. Veronica plans draconian revenge on the sex tape maker. Veronica uses Mac. The blackmailed girl eschews revenge. Veronica makes the hot tub sex tape blackmail all about her. Veronica lies and learns something. Dull.

Best Lines:
“Miss White Trash title.”

“Recycling passports on eBay.”

“Has maids fold his underwear.”

“Such a charmer.”

“A downloadable national joke. You know right up there with Paris Hilton or that ‘Star Wars’ kid.”

“There I’ll be for the rest of human history.”

“Sensual charades.”

“Think I’m trashy.”

“Yachting is not a recognised excuse for a late English report.

“A better soul than I do.”

Then came a season 2 ‘Battlestar Galactica’ ep 'Scattered'. This has flashbacks, Apollo screaming and the President locked up. An FTL jump goes awry, Baltar has visions, nobody is gracious and Helo is a moron. People wander around in the woods and on Caprica. This was very very boring.

Best Lines:
“I did it for nothing.”

“They lie about everything.”

“Bitch took my ride!”

Finally there was another ‘BSG’ ep ‘Valley Of Darkness’ in which Billy bores, people talk in short bitter sentences and the cylons attack. The President won’t stop being awful, Starbuck whines, everyone douses themselves in self pity and I’m aghast at how bad this is. This was a dour inglorious mess of culpability, self interest and double dealing.

Best Lines:
“We’ve been boarded!”

“Thought I’d be stepping over decaying corpses in the streets.”

Then the second tape was all season 7 ‘Charmed’ eps. The first one up was ‘Imaginary Fiends’ in which Paige bitches, Piper sends Wyatt to preschool, Paige wears an ugly top and a demon befriends Wyatt, Phoebe is at graduate school and there is endless talking and bad facial hair. This sucked.

Then came ‘Death Becomes Them’ in which Paige is lazy, Phoebe sees dead people and the dead walk as Sheridan bores.

Then came ‘Something Wicca This Way Goes’ in which Zankou takes over the manor, selfish Sheridan causes problems, there is bad CGI and the sisters sit on their asses and then do a stupid plan. This was to be the last ever ep until TPTB decided on a season 8. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“Our plan to die.”

“To get the next generation ready to pick up where we left up.”

Then there was ‘The Seven Year Witch’ in which the Elders wear bathrobes, Leo wanders, Piper sees Cole (Julian McMahon), Phoebe’s bf (Billy Zane) dies and Cole’s past is retconed. This was grim.

Best Lines:
“Doesn’t that mattress look strangely familiar?”

“The last Halliwell that trusted you ended up bearing your demon spawn.”

Then came ‘Scry Hard’ in which Piper and Leo end up in the Halliwell doll house and this was dull with endless talking.

Best Line:
“Have you gone crazy again?”

Then there was ‘Little Box Of Horrors’ in which Pandora’s Box is guarded by Hope, Paige gets into a lift that breaks down and this was so predictable.

Then came ‘Freaky Phoebe’ in which Sheridan resurfaces. Magic school bores. Sheridan had a right to her vengeful exuberance. Phoebe sluts it up again. This was noxious. The sisters macliously destroy more people and play the victims.

Best Line:
“Thank god for memory dust.”
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