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8 Movie Reviews

Sydney White (2007)
A Snow White tale set on a college campus. Syndey White and her gang of dork friends take on an evil sorority girl named Rachel Witchburn. This was an anodyne tale of a boring prince charming, improper expressions and people acting in abnormal ways. I felt great hostility for this. There is no moral order and this was inadequate, full of poisonous aspects and of absolutely no importance. Danny Strong co stars.

Best Lines:
“Your idea of a date is to convert me?”

“You serve meals to the homeless.”

“These plates are plastic! Touching them hurts my hands!”

“I had to turn the faucet myself!”

“My spleen broke my fall.”

“I don’t need my soothing words.”

“Hi ho.”

“I have a voodoo doll of her in my underwear drawer and I stick pins in it!”

“Let’s hear it for the dorks!”

“She ain’t no ho!”

“Hi ho.”

When The Wind Blows (1986)
Animated film about an elderly couple caught up in WWIII. I dislike it.

Nicholas And Alexandra (1971)
Dull tale about the inept Tsar Nicholas II. The Tsar and his awful wife are lionized and the revolutionaries are unkempt murderers. The four indistinguishable daughters run around, there is no dog and the family and a blindly loyal servant are shot in the cellar. Their deaths are highly sanitised. This film features Brian Cox, Ian Holm, Roy Dotrice, Tom Baker, Laurence Oliver and Lynne Frederick.

Best Lines:
“It’s all of them.”

“It’s good to be alive.”

“Someone young will lead us to the harvest.”

Dangerous Liaisons (1988)
Lavish but dull.

From Dusk Till Dawn (1995)

Mission Impossible II (2000)
Sexist tosh.

Dolores Claiborne (1995)
An unhappy woman (Kathy Bates), her miserable daughter (Jennifer Jason-Leigh) and a series of accidents. This was okay and based on the Stephen King novel.

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein (1994)
Kenneth Branagh overacts.
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