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The Last Ship 2x04 + Humans 1x07 + Hannibal 3x07 + The Americans 3x04 Reviewed

There’s a hospital ship out there and Chandler is determined to find it. An Australian and an Israeli join the crew. Brian F. O Byrne is the big bad and his minions have attacked the non-combatant hospital ship from a submarine. This dull and muddled ep comes to an extreme conclusion.

Best Lines:
“Do what needs doing.”

“Let’s find em.”

“General havoc.”

“No sign of life or death.”

“Hostiles operating on board this ship.”

“My advice: avoid it.”

“The man behind that voice.”

“Find me something to shoot.”

Humans 1x07
The female synth cop’s origin is explained. She is ‘Beatrice’ the synth copy of Leo’s dead mother. Laura has querlousness. Niska whines. Beatrice whines. Vera is useless, George acts sedated and is got rid of. Joe is useless. Fred wears an ugly jumper. George’s ‘son’ synth is to be scrapped. What is synth fluid? The twit Leo whines like a silly pompous prat. This was facile, superficial and a joke. Beatrice cosies up to Hobb and is a psycho. Laura whines, there is an unfortunate news broadcast, a betrayal and yelling.

Best Lines:
“Your own mother couldn’t love you.”

“I was never her.”

“The synthetic appliance you absconded with recently. He’s been concealed in a wardrobe.”

“There’s no place for us here.”

“We’re not a kind.”

“Our plan to conquer the planet and make humanity our slaves.”

“It was an accident, he got in the way.”

“He made me to replace her.”

“We were never meant to be.”

Hannibal and Will are prisoners of Mason and his deranged carer. Margot and Alana roll around in bed. Mason torments Margot and pushes the acceptability level. Alana whispers. Hannibal’s tied up but not for long. Mason is a sicko. There is death and Margot wants a baby. Alana and Margot kill Mason. Will is done with Hannibal so he surrenders. This was slow moving.

Best Lines:
“I’m not going to miss you.”

“You got a big surprise coming to you.”

“Don’t think too long smiley.”

“Will always deny you.”

“What difference would one more murder charge make to me?”

“Could I have ever understood you?”

“Take it out! Take it out!”

“They’re all dead out there!”

“I’m taking what you promised me!”

“He helped us milk you.”

“Can you go home?”
“No more than you can.”

Elizabeth and Philip target a teenager. Nina is told to spy on her cellmate. Philip and Stan go to their self help meeting. Philip and Elizabeth have more issues and do more morally wrong things. Stan doubts the defector. People do contradictory things. Paige and Philip bond over Alison Moyet. Paige plots and attention seeks. Stan tears up a bathroom.

Best Lines:
“Go into your space.”

“I lied and sat down.”

“That is horrible.”

“That’s a fine list.”

“She does what she does.”
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