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Book Review: The King's Concubine

The King’s Concubine by Anne O’Brien
This fat would be bodice ripper tells the tale of Alice Perrers who rose from nothing to be mistress to King Edward III. Information on this real life mistress is hard to come by so this is a dull tale that is written in a style that is a poor imitation of Philippa Gregory. Nobody cares about the gold-digging tramp and the unprovable claims made against her.

Best Lines:
“Plantagenets did not react well to stern admonitions.”

“It pleases the king that I do that.”

“You’ll rise no more.”

“I’ll tolerate much Isabella. But not that.”

“You’re a grasping self-seeking whore!”

“You have of necessity to please me, so that I don’t cast you off.”

“In case I cast you from my door for your reluctance in wifely matters,”

“A self-serving harlot of the first order.”
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