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Mutant X (2001 - 2004) 1x20-1x22 + The Saboteurs aka The Heavy Water War 1x01 Reviewed

Deadly Desire
A scorpion mutant (Krista Allen) seduces and steals and is in general trash. This was feather light and Mason flails uselessly.

Best Lines:
That’s your serious look.”

“We can’t just go get him.”

Dancing On The Razor
A fight between Mutant X and the GSA is caught on film and Proxy Blue threatens to release it. There is no Youtube in this future. The footage is on a disc and everyone wants it. Mason wants the threat cut out. Emma and Shalimar don’t wear bras. An innocent is in peril. Brennan is awful. A GSA agent treats anyone who opposes him as he must. There is flirting, a betrayal and horrible, deathly, fearful things are feared. A noxious would be reporter gets got. The videodisc is fought over. Mutant X and the GSA have a standoff and you half expect a tumbleweed to blow by as Mason in white and Adam in his all black all the time wardrobe eyeball each other. Mason backs down. This was good.

Best Lines:
“This emailer.”

“I don’t like it when other people know my business.”

“His human pit-bull.”

“Wouldn’t want that.”

“A public pariah.”

“Relegate you to the status of a traitor.”

“Your band of renegades.”

“Wrong answer.”

“What are you?”

“Wouldn’t want to bump into this guy in a dark alley.”

“I might not hurt you.”

“Been conspicuously silent.”

“I didn’t realise there was a limit to our interaction.”

“All he needs is a laptop and a modem to send the contents of the disc to the world.”

A Breed Apart
The gang develop new powers. There is bad SFX. Emma’s razor haircut looks bad. Patient Zero aka Gabriel Ashlocke (Michael Easton of ‘VR5’) escapes the GSA with the help of his brainwashed cult. The intellectually incurious Brennan falls on his ass. Gabriel and his breathy whispering and eye watering self centeredness is bigged up as the new big bad. He bores. Hints of Emma’s dark turn in season 2 are sown. Adam spills some secrets and has moral indignation - seasons 2&3 ruined his character.

Gabriel is a sociopath and was killed off by Adam early on in season 2 thankfully. Gabriel menaces Mutant X and takes over the GSA. Mason ends up in a pod. Mutant X somehow gets into the GSA and there is a pose off. This had no emotional arc and no emotional consequences from episode to episode but was okay. Mutant X poses defiantly.

Best Lines:
“Things could get ugly and fast.”

“Emma’s got a mental bazooka.”

“How are you staying so calm, cool and collected?”

“We’re all in for a dose of hell.”

“That’s your I hate myself for what I’ve done to these poor new mutants look.”

“If you think that Adam and his pack of super-powered hoodlums were a pain in the ass. Gabriel Ashlocke gives new meaning to the term.”

“Trust me.”

“A chance to spend eternity regretting everything.”

“Don’t point it my way.”

“To hell with anyone who stands in our way.”

The Saboteurs aka The Heavy Water War (2015) 1x01
Werner Heisenberg is in peril from TPTB in Nazi Germany. He’s played by someone who looks like David Milliband. He’s recruited to work on Germany’s atomic bomb project and sees nothing wrong with it. He needs heavy water which is only made in Norway. How do the Nazis get it? They invade Norway! People talk, there are subtitles and exposition. There is 40s hair, Heisenberg is awful and the British plan to destroy the German’s atomic bomb project. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“We do not intend to wait and see either.”

“Eggy smell in the corridor.”

“I grew up with five brothers and can out-run every one of them.”
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